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Weekly Round-Up - 30th March 2023

30th March 2023

Written by Tom Peace


Weekly Round-Up - 30th March 2023

30th March 2023

Written by Tom Peace

100% Pass Rate in our First Continental CLMP Workshop

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We are extremely proud to have hosted the first continental European CLMP training event last week in Amsterdam, with a 100% pass rate!!!

The workshop included 29 learners, representing a variety of companies and service providers from around Europe. One attendee in the workshop travelled all the way from New York.

With all the positive feedback we have received (see some testimonials below), we are looking to the future and hoping to expand the number of attendee's when we reveal more information about the next CLMP Workshop in early July.

Why not join in the celebration and view our LinkedIn post to see the 29 attendee's who passed.

Click on the link below to find the original post from our MD, Tom Peace

Testimonials from our training

"The training was great, helped us put our knowledge into a framework. It was an excellent opportunity to connect with other professionals in the industry, discuss our respective challenges, and brainstorm solutions."

Eva Bacsi - Marketing Director - Antavo

"I would say that the course is a well organised journey around the creation of a loyalty program, allowing the attendants to get an holistic view on the loyalty strategy! The different components needed for the planification and design are really well covered and explained - From the understanding of the needs of customer and the value proposition definition to the operational model and the planning of the development"

Pablo Sardina - Loyalty Business Partner, CX and Strategy - Decathlon

"The Loyalty Academy’s CLMP training is the cornerstone of essential loyalty marketing knowledge especially pertaining to our dynamic and evolving industry. As the loyalty paradigm evolves so does the requirements to be at the forefront of industry specific requirements - which the CLMP training excels in. Not only does the core curriculum cover the necessities in loyalty marketing and program genesis but it is the best way to network and learn from industry thought leaders. I highly recommend any future minded marketer to take part take in this certification program - the dividends will speak for themselves."

Alex Kubicki - Marketing Director - Sparta Loyalty

This Week's Loyalty Podcast's


#358: Microsoft Rewards - Insights and Ideas (Short Summary Show)

Points for Good is a programme partner for brand loyalty programmes that allow customers to donate reward points toward a social purpose.

Listen to Tom Peace highlight this amazing business, started in India by Brian Almeida as Points for People and expanding globally. Brands have long partnered with charities, but keeping the relationship successful long-term can be a labour-intensive task.

With a flexible platform that allows brands to customize the points structure and the charities offered, Points for Good is a great choice for loyalty managers with proven experience that satisfies an emotional loyalty connection with customers.

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