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Let's Talk Loyalty!

The Loyalty People are partnering with 'Let’s Talk Loyalty' to bring you a fortnightly Loyalty Podcast, hosted by Paula Thomas


Targeted at loyalty industry professionals who specialise in creating, running and optimising marketing programs that drive customer loyalty, this podcast is jam-packed with expert opinion.  As busy professionals, we often don’t have the time to read articles or industry magazines, so podcasts are becoming an increasingly popular way to stay up to date on industry insights.


Our goal is to bring the global loyalty community together to continually learn from each other. If you work in loyalty marketing, join us once a fortnight to learn the latest ideas and marketing insights from loyalty specialists around the world.


We know you're going to love it! 


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#352: Denmark's Salling Group - Highly Successful Customer Loyalty Program (Short Summary Show)

March 14, 2023

6 m

#350: Airline Loyalty Program Valuations with Evert de Boer

March 8, 2023


#349: Are Subscription based programs the future for loyalty ? (Short Summary Show)

March 7, 2023

6 m

#346:Why FNB’s eBucks program in South Africa is one of the best programs in the world?

February 28, 2023


#344: Retail Loyalty, Coalition Loyalty and Banking Loyalty Trends with Comarch's Piotr Kozlowski

February 22, 2023

46 m

#343: Ideas for Airline Loyalty Professionals from Steve Hui, CEO, iFLYflat

February 20, 2023


#340: Loyalty Insights from Italy, featuring Cristina Ziliani, Professor of Loyalty Marketing and CRM at the University of Parma

February 14, 2023


#338 : Covid’s Aftermath, Customer Health and Customer-Based Forecasting with Daniel McCarthy of Emory University

February 8 2023


#337: Panera Bread Shares Subscription Insights - Its Powerful, Disruptive Approach to Customer Loyalty (Short Summary Show)-with Tom Peace

February 7, 2023


#334: Fred Reichheld - Loyalty Industry Legend Launches "Winning On Purpose - the Unbeatable Strategy of Loving Customers" (Short Summary Show)-with Tom Peace

31st January, 2023


#332: The 2023 Consumer Trends Index from Cheetah Digital

January 25, 2023

41 m

#331: Loyalty Trends, Gamification and Subscription with Epsilon's Vice President of Loyalty Strategy (Short Summary Show)-with Tom Peace

January 24, 2023


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