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Redemption Solutions

Do you need to offer your best customers other valuable ways to redeem their rewards? Please review our redemption partners for market-leading redemption options?

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Other Vital Services For Loyalty



Prezzee is a global digital gifting business that prides itself on creating remarkable gifting moments for consumers, businesses and 1,000+ brand partners across the world. Founded in 2014, Prezzee has evolved from a two person Australian start-up to a global business and operations in North America, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

About Prezzee

Every day gift giving made simple, personal and just right! Send a digital gift card from over 300 retail brands to friends and family around the world in seconds, personalised with your own video!

Reward teams, say thanks to clients and incentivise customers with fast, gift cards sent in bulk, in a few minutes. Our clients include QBE, HSBC, Coca-Cola and 4,000 more! Corporate gifting has never been easier.

Seamlessly integrated via the Prezzee API, we help small and large businesses grow revenue and market share with a white-label marketplace featuring a catalogue of 300+ eGift Cards.

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Other Vital Services For Loyalty



Xoxoday powers loyalty programmes for businesses with wide reward options across the globe.

About XOXO day

We help medium and large enterprises to build meaningful relationships with their customers, employees, and channel partners. With our largest worldwide catalog of 21000+ reward options, deliver a great reward fulfillment experience to strengthen your loyalty campaign. Xoxoday's Plug and Play APIs also assist in boosting the loyalty programme by automating the surveys, CRM channels, Prospects, and lead generation activities.

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Other Vital Services For Loyalty



Swiss-based Loylogic Holdings is a global innovator in points commerce and payments. Through our flagship solutions Pointshub and Pointspay, we empower loyalty programs with deep insights and maximize revenues, whilst offering their eligible customers more choices to collect and redeem points online, in-app and in-store. We provide expert consultancy and development of custom-made, global and scalable solutions. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Zurich, Loylogic operates across the globe as the trusted partner of the most visionary loyalty programs.

About Loylogic

Award-winning tech, customized for you.
Pointshub is our multi-award-winning e-commerce platform featuring Loylogic’s patented points-plus-cash applications. Pointshub offers an unmatched variety of innovative points (or miles) earn and burn solutions that make differentiating your program a simple, intuitive task. The platform comes beautifully structured and perfectly tailored to your program’s brand, be it web or mobile channels. Powered by latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, Pointshub enables your marketing team to promote trending consumer brands and engage more members through personalized experiences.

Welcome to Pointspay. Welcome to the future.
Pointspay is a highly innovative e-payment platform with its own fast-growing proprietary merchant network. Pointspay directly connects your points (or miles) to leading online as well as in-store merchants worldwide. Applying Loylogic’s patented points-plus-cash slider, your members can now shop with their preferred online merchants and either pay with points, or pay with cash and collect points, adding a rich revenue stream to your program.

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Other Vital Services For Loyalty



We are a world-leading, digital rewards solutions provider with an elegant rewards platform offering millions of digital entertainment choices available instantly, 24/7 at the click of a button, to encourage and reward the outcome our customers desire.

About Reward The World

We are a world-leading, digital rewards solutions provider with an elegant rewards platform offering millions of digital entertainment choices available instantly, 24/7 at the click of a button, to encourage and reward the outcome our customers desire. Your aim with rewards may be to collect first-party data, or increase sales conversion, reward loyalty, or purely to acknowledge the efforts of employees and distribution partners.

As you might expect from the leading digital rewards solution provider, our sophisticated back end provides access to detailed analytics, AI, and reporting tools allowing customers to gain deep insights into behaviour and target data collected. So, if you are looking for a highly cost-effective digital rewards solution, providing instant gratification, with quick and easy implementation, on a local or global basis, which can provide you with true insights, then Reward the World has a solution for you. We can help you reward the customer behaviour that acquires the data you need.

Our solution includes a catalogue of over 60 millions rewards refreshed daily- starting at as low as £0.10- delivering rewards worldwide and on all devices- is an Enterprise level solutionWe aim to bring the future of rewards now.

Rewards is only one element of the full Loyalty stacks.We are in an ever-changing environment, and we are happy to share with your community the reward trends in the market as well as what we see as the future of the rewards.

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Other Vital Services For Loyalty



Resal is a High-tech Company that is leading the prepaid gift card market by offering all in one prepaid gift cards and rewards solutions for individuals and corporate clients. We are the leading player in MENA and we are expanding globally.

About Resal

Resal helps it’s clients to create customer delight, connections, appreciation and share their feelings by offering them a unique gift cards for whenever and wherever.

Our products:

store: Online platform that help individuals to buy and send gift cards.

glee: Corporate reward solution, which helps puir clients to offer employees, partners and customers gift cards as part of an incentive and reward programme.

channels: A business API and embedded technology that offers digital gift cards and rewards from over 400 brands, to any 3rd party online channels and marketplaces.

Boonus: A loyalty management platform based on multiple rewarding programmes that enable merchants and retailers to increase retention, frequency and customer spending.

Always simple, convenient and well received

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