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The path to purchase is different for every shopper. 

Create personalized email, SMS, web, and mobile campaigns from a single platform. With real-time data and AI fueling every campaign, you can unlock the next level of customer experience.


Raisin 18% Conversion Rate Increase

Raisin partnered with Vecton and used Bloomreach Engagement to execute the “interest rate increase auto alert” use case to connect customers with the financial products that best fit them.

Raisin was already using Bloomreach Engagement to monitor customer preference data in real time. The platform provided Raisin access to up-to-millisecond information on the specifics of financial products being offered to customers.

Vecton integrated this information and developed a unique automated e-commerce personalization use case called the “interest rate increase auto alert”.

Vecton integrated this information and developed...

Shape the Future of AI-Powered Commerce

Watch the recording of the 2-day livestream discussion as we explored key questions and expert predictions about the role of AI in our industry.

With visionary keynotes and sessions focused on new and emerging applications of AI, the Edge Summit shapes a new future for online shopping — from marketing to site search and beyond. You'll engage in thought-provoking dialogue with professionals pioneering in the field of generative AI.

AI is in our DNA at Bloomreach and has been a core tenet of our innovation strategy for over 14 years. We're excited to bring together innovators in technology and retail to continue driving the AI discussion forward. Together we'll create the view of commerce beyond the edge.

Ready to discover how Bloomreach can help your business with your challenges

There’s a reason we’re trusted by 850+ customers worldwide. Find out today how Bloomreach can help you achieve your desired business outcomes too. Leave us a contact and an advisor will reach out to understand your requirements and schedule a time that suits you!

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An E-Commerce Experience Built For Every Customer

The path to purchase is different for every shopper. Why be limited to one customer journey?As your customers shop, our AI personalizes their e-commerce experience on every channel.

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