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i360 offers the most effective loyalty and incentive programmes in one place. We describe the most interesting and complicated issues that we encounter every day related to the creation and management of loyalty programmes and promotional lotteries.

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Key Success Factors in Competing for Consumer Budgets Limited by Inflation

This article highlights the shift in consumer buying habits, emphasizing emotional involvement in decision-making and payment processes rather than price alone. The article also explores trends such as unified commerce, digital wellness, strategic partnerships, eco-economics, and the globalization of activities as businesses strive to increase their market share in these economic circumstances.


Metaverse and beyond in loyalty programs

The concept of the metaverse has been known since the 1990s, mostly to fans of Neal Stephenson’s science fiction literature. And then came Facebook, changing their name to Meta. Suddenly, the entire world started searching for explanations of the term. Growing interest is best portrayed by a graph showing Google searches for the word “metaverse”. This article presents examples of loyalty and promotional activities held in the metaverse, to promote Qatar Airways, Australian Open and Flyfish Club. Continue reading to learn more

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5 Rules for Effective Implementation of Loyalty Programs
We find ourselves in a time when the desire to operate in the market without running loyalty programmes means losing customers to those who rely on consumer loyalty through them. At the same time, the high level of competition forces the search for new ways to keep users engaged. Continue reading to learn more
Are we in for some kind of technological Armageddon?
Are we all headed towards a technological Armageddon? I have the feeling that brand owners, marketers and loyalty programme owners alike have yet to realise what lies ahead next year, especially in January and July. Namely the technological change for the market leader, Google. It will also be a time when several existing factors will continue gaining importance. These include marketing automation, the number of loyalty programmes and, finally, the creation of communities to obtain consent to use personal data in ongoing lead generation and lead nurturing campaigns. Continue reading to learn more
How do you build a good loyalty programme?
There are two most important elements for creating a good loyalty programme. Whether you’re setting up a loyalty programme for end buyers or an incentive programme for sales intermediaries, it’s all about determining the reasons and goals. Do not forget to define your target audience, select the nature (type) of the programme to be created and determine measurement tools. Setting specific success indicators will also be important. So how do you build a good loyalty programme? Continue reading to learn more
ROI in Loyalty Programmes
The following text is a case study of preparing and implementing an ROI model for one of the retail chains with more than 150 European retail outlets in the fashion and apparel segment. The model was prepared before the implementation of a loyalty programme dedicated to end buyers and had to take into account all the actual market environment variables, as well as a structure reflecting the current situation of the company. If you need anything else, let me know.
Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional CLMP
CLMP, or Certified Loyalty Marketing Professional, is a 3-day seminar devoted to a broad range of loyalty programs, ending with a certification exam. The whole event is organised in a truly American style, which means that the six logos on the invitation will make your head hurt already at first glance. Apart from three sponsors and a local partner, the invitation also features logos of the hosts, namely The Loyalty Academy and The Wise Marketer. CLMP is an event that attracts an international audience and is organised in various parts of the world. Continue reading to learn more
Why is a loyalty program without the support of an external company not a good idea?
Operating a loyalty program without the help of external specialists is not something I’d recommend. Working with third-party professionals, you can rely on professional support to reduce implementation time and minimise the risk of errors. Such a service also allows you to reduce costs, sparing you the investment in special tools and infrastructure. Choosing a good partner requires following several key criteria. First of all, look for their experience in similar projects; consider topics such as information security management systems, features of their IT system and logistic facilities they offer. Continue reading to learn more
What does ChatGPT know about loyalty?
A few years ago, my then 12-year-old son came running in, his entire face flushed, saying that he had “just discovered YouTube”. Similar emotions befell me today, as I used ChatGPT for the first time. I asked artificial intelligence to write an essay on the history and future of the global market for loyalty programs. It’s hard not to be amazed with the result, which only took some 10 seconds to prepare. So today, for the first time, my blog welcomes a guest article drafted by ChatGPT. Continue reading to learn more
I’m sorry for the chatbot – when AI gets out of control
Loyalty programmes have become an essential component of any toolkit for building relationships with buyers. It would be difficult to identify a brand that currently shuns their use. Loyalty programme operators put an emphasis on improving two-way communication with participants. There is one goal – to drive sales by acquiring as many new customers as possible and increasing the shopping cart value. Quite recently, loyalty programs have been following a new trend, namely the implementation of chatbots. Continue reading to learn more
Expo 2020 – conclusions loyalty programme operators
Expo 2020 was a global exhibition held in Dubai with the theme “Connecting Minds, Creating the Future”. The event was originally scheduled for the period from October 2020 to April 2021, but due to the pandemic, it only lasted 6 months, i.e. until 31 March 2022. Official communication portrayed it as a global event that combined innovation, technology, culture and art, offering the opportunity to learn about new ideas flowing from each country in the world. The exhibition, which has a tradition going back 170 years, is held every 5 years. What does the Expo have to do with loyalty programs? Continue reading to learn more
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Most effective loyalty and incentive programmes in one place.

i360 is a leading service provider in the field of B2B loyalty programs. Our core competence is the development and integration of IT loyalty systems. We also provide a wide range of value-added services: loyalty strategy development, web and mobile app design, rewards management, and comprehensive legal and tax services related to B2B loyalty programs.

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