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Omnichannel loyalty without limits

Don’t distract your developers — delight your customers.

Build flexible, cross-lifecycle and fully-automated loyalty programs with Talon.One. No coding required.

Increase retention, target your best customers, and drive repeat business with our customizable and user-friendly loyalty platform.

  • Save thousands of dev hours building in-house loyalty capabilities

  • Track every customer interaction from one centralized system

  • Benefit from our integrations and connect all of your data

Latest news

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How to use loyalty program
insights to boost your first-party data strategy

Beyond the hype: All you need to know about Web3, NFTs and loyalty programs

Talon.One recognized in Gartner’s 2023 Market Guide for Loyalty Program Vendors

Success Stories

filters_quality(90).webp launches its loyalty program with Talon.One. The leading British price comparison business,, joins Talon.One to reward its loyalty customers.
River Island joins Talon.One to deliver omnichannel customer experience. River Island, one of the most successful fashion brands of the British high street, joins Talon.One to create omnichannel promotions.
Boohoo join Talon.One to embrace omnichannel promotions. Manchester-based fashion ecommerce, Boohoo, use Talon.One's omnichannel promotions as they embrace digital transformation.

eBooks & Guides

Loyalty strategies for 2024 Learn how winning loyalty strategies + best practices from leading brands like Sephora, Harry Rosen and McDonald's.
How gamification drives customer loyalty Discover how gamification enables you to sell more while giving your customers a much more enjoyable shopping experience.
Why emotional loyalty is key to business growth Learn how to leverage psychological insights to nurture strong emotional connections with customers.
The ultimate guide to B2B promotions and loyalty programs Explore how B2B businesses can integrate loyalty and promotions into their business models and drive growth.


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Boosting Your Customer Data Strategy: How to Use Loyalty Data in a Cookieless Future

Brands like Adidas & Ticketmaster trust Talon.One to power their promotions

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