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Weekly Round-Up - 27th July 2023

27th July 2023

Written by Tom Peace


Weekly Round-Up - 27th July 2023

27th July 2023

Written by Tom Peace

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Learn how NeoDay delivered 10% higher NPS for Pathé thanks to red-carpet treatment

We all know how competitive it is out there! It is not an option to stand still if you want to attract new customers and retain current ones. Same goes for leisure venues like cinemas. With the emergence of countless streaming services and with proximity and convenience largely influencing consumer’s choice, creating brand loyalty asks for innovative solutions. So Pathé Cinemas in The Netherlands innovated.

Their layered reward program All Stars rolls out the red carpet for all visitors, new or frequent, and uses different triggers to stimulate different behavior. Connected to every touchpoint in the customer journey, the platform offers points collection for discount but also temporary challenges, tailored communication and unique benefits.

This VIP treatment of their visitors paid off, with an 18% increase in visit frequency, 9,8% less churn and 10% increase in customer loyalty (NPS), as well as two international Loyalty Awards.

Curious to know how, like Pathé, you can use NeoDay to pamper your customers and keep them coming back? Book a demo with one of NeoDay’s experts for a first-hand glance at the possibilities.

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For our Monday Morning Insight, we discussed "Is AI Effective Enough for Customer Care?" You can click here to read the full insight

Our latest LinkedIn poll is still up and running and we would like you to share your thoughts on this topic before it ends.

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This Week's Loyalty Podcast 's

Let's Talk Loyalty

#410: Sam's Club Shows Success with Subscriptions

Today’s episode of Let's Talk Loyalty features another leading US retailer that leverages loyalty to grow its business, in this case, to a whopping $84 billion in revenue in their most recent financial year!

“⁠Sam’s Club⁠” is a warehouse club with 597 locations across the U.S. and Puerto Rico, that leverages the power of subscriptions since 1983 - way before subscription-based loyalty was so globally recognised as a cool and clever idea!

⁠Scott Ludwig⁠, Vice President of Membership for Sam’s Club joins the show today to share some of the compelling reasons for their business success, which includes renewal rates in excess of 90% for their mature subscribers.

Scott explains the importance of their expanding partner proposition based on card linked offers, and some examples of how they are achieving true personalization in ways that are delivering NPS scores that will amaze you!

Listen to enjoy this fascinating conversation with Scott Ludwig from Sam’s Club.'sclubshowssuccesswithsubscriptions?utm_campaign=87321a8f-b2f0-4130-87cf-f7d2edb10ae8&utm_source=so&utm_medium=lp&utm_campaign=09dcbbe9-d258-47e0-93b6-455b8fd72847&utm_source=so&utm_medium=lp

Let's Talk a Little Loyalty

#409: The Boots Iconic "Advantage" Programme Implements New Strategies

Listen in to hear Tom’s short summary show from the original podcast hosted by Paula Thomas where she is joined by Hollie McLellan, formerly Head of Customer Marketing and Loyalty for Boots UK and now Director of Customer Marketing, to discuss the company’s latest innovations and initiatives.

When it comes to loyalty programmes in the UK, the gold standard programme that consumers say they love the most is often the Boots Advantage Program.

This show was a masterclass in loyalty marketing, showcasing Boots “Beauty Club” which features content marketing as a new loyalty driver, as well as their new “Price Advantage” proposition, and their exciting tests with gamification and subscription strategies.

Hosted by Tom Peace.

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Our brand NEW loyalty event this October in Amsterdam is approaching fast. This event will include engaging workshops, networking opportunities, keynote speaker sessions, and vigorous debates on the most recent advancements in loyalty.

We have gathered some of today's contemporary loyalty innovators, the best minds in loyalty, to share their thoughts and expertise.

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