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Upskilling: An Article from Mike Capizzi

3rd March 2022

Written by Tom Peace


Upskilling: An Article from Mike Capizzi

3rd March 2022

Written by Tom Peace

The Loyalty People have always believed in investing in the ongoing development of our team and we really advocate this for our partners in the global loyalty marketplace. That’s why we have partnered with the Loyalty Academy to deliver a platform that is taught by experienced loyalty marketers for loyalty marketers.

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Below is a great article from Mike Capizzi, Director of Education at The Loyalty Academy detailing the importance of investing in the development of your most vital resource. And to provide an additional incentive for you to upskill your loyalty team, The Loyalty People have arranged for a special offer from now until April 30.

The Certification On Demand program is being offered for US$1,250 per person, a near 30% discount versus standard registration fees.

Mike Capizzi, Director of Education - The Loyalty Academy

The constant pace of change in the loyalty marketing industry requires a constant focus on upskilling. Innovative designs, new tools, advanced analytics and new technologies all spell the need for increased opportunity to give your team the foundation to succeed and grow.

Yet loyalty marketing organisations, both brand and service provider, have traditionally lacked the mindset and/or the platform to deliver high-quality training on the principles and best practices that govern our industry. Gone are the days of just assigning the loyalty program to some junior Marcom person or an IT project manager. Today’s loyalty marketing professionals require skills in strategy, consumer psychology, digital disciplines, technology, finance and advanced analytics just to name a few.

According to a recent thought leadership piece published by David Gaspar in Entrepreneur Magazine, “Upskilling your people is an investment in your company's tomorrow and one of the smartest moves you can make as a business leader today.”

The world needs more skilled workers. In the World Economic Forum’s Future of Jobs Report 2020, companies estimated that by 2024 around 40% of workers will require reskilling of up to six months, and 94% of business leaders say they expect employees to regularly pick up new skills on the job. The World Economic Forum also estimated that wide-scale investment in upskilling has the potential to boost GDP by $6.5 trillion by 2030.

Today, 80% of CEOs (25th Annual Global CEO Survey – PwC) rank the need to facilitate upskilling as their biggest business challenge, so you’re not alone if you’re wondering if it’s worth the time and money.

With the massive shifts going on associated with employer/employee relationships and the media christened Great Resignation it appears essential to give your teams more of what they want or lose them to a competitor. New skills fit the bill and demonstrate an organization’s commitment to its own people. As Gaspar went on to say; “The lesson:

You are your people. If the people who are working at your firm are fantastic because you’ve invested in their development, they’re still creating value for you in the market even after you’ve parted ways — and this inevitable parting of ways is likely to happen far sooner with today’s generation of professionals than in the past.

Here’s your chance to develop the skills of your loyalty team and invest in their development! Find course details here and enter code TLPOD22 for a near 30% discount until the 30th April.

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