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The Best Loyalty of 2021 🏆

16th December 2021

Written by Tom Peace


The Best Loyalty of 2021 🏆

16th December 2021

Written by Tom Peace

See Who Made The List:

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Competing for our loyalty has never been harder with so many options at our fingertips, comparison sites and reviews galore. It really takes a standout strategy to break through the noise and make a real noticeable impact.

So here are our top four of the year from each area of loyalty strategy:

🎶 Data: Spotify 🎶

Spotify uses listening data to present personalised playlists, recommendations and at the end of every year - #SpotifyWrapped. Some aesthetically pleasing and made-to-share graphics listing the users top songs, artists, genres and total listening time.

Users endeavour to beat each others listening time and compare embarrassing top streams of the year.

The trick here is: the more you listen, the more you get. The better your 'Discover Weekly' and more refined your Throwback Thursday playlists!

🥾 Experience: Decathalon 🥾

Decathalon have no formal loyalty rewards but have absolutely nailed the omni-channel customer experience. Each staff member has a plethora of industry-specific knowledge training and the customer service is second-to-none. Decathalon have an excellent range and pricing strategy with strong technology platforms that make shopping online and in-store a pleasure.

They don't need discounts and points for customers to know they'll get the best service and recommendation fo their requirements when they shop. This keeps shoppers coming back for more, the investment in their customer service pays off.

☕️ Subscription: Pret ☕️

A TLP team favourite and anecdotally one of the most talked-about loyalty apps this year. You pay £20 per month for 'unlimited' drinks from smoothies to hot chocolates. Say you get a £2.80 latte each morning on the way to work at £14 a week and £56 a month you're making a huge saving.

We're also willing to bet half the time you'll also postpone breakfast until you get there and splash out on a fresh pastry because you're coffee is 'free'.

A great app and simple loyalty mechanic for all the coffee lovers out there.

📱 Offers: Three 📱

Brand new to the market is the Three rewards app for their mobile customers.

The discounts and offers are absolutely unrivalled with £3 Cineworld tickets, 20% off Uber Eats and exclusive first-dibs tickets to Reading and Leeds Festival. With 10% off west end tickets and another 13 fantastic offers currently live within the app, we're not changing our contracts anytime soon.

You can find even more of the latest loyalty and marketing insights in our News Room.

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