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How can AI best improve customer loyalty

12th February 2024

Written by Tom Peace


How can AI best improve customer loyalty

12th February 2024

Written by Tom Peace

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This week The Loyalty People want to look into how AI can be implemented into business strategies to assist in customer retention to improve brand loyalty. We will be asking our community "How can AI best improve customer loyalty?"

Customer Predictions

which customers are most likely to leave and why by using risk indicators. Each at-risk customer has different risk factors and levels, therefore retention offerings need to reflect this as well. A customer that decides to leave because of a bad service history is not going to be interested in a subscription plan discount.

Emotional Insights

Not all customers voice their displeasure. Not every negative emotion has the same danger of churn. Sentiment analysis is therefore essential for effective retention. Deeper understanding of the variables impacting consumer attitudes, such as product quality, pricing, on-call experience, and customer service, can also be obtained through the use of an explainable model. For instance, you can utilise explainable AI to look for trends in customer happiness or dissatisfaction by analysing agent notes, product usage, service history, and customer feedback.

Targeted Offers

Artificial intelligence (AI) may assist you in developing tailored offers based on the behaviour profile of the customers, taking into account their preferences and requirements. Targeted offers have a better chance of being accepted, which raises the retention rate and customer satisfaction.

How can AI best improve customer loyalty?

1. Customer Predictions

2. Emotional Insights

3. Targeted Offers

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