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Elevating Loyalty Success with Sparta Loyalty and Fishka

17th January 2024

Written by Tom Peace


Elevating Loyalty Success with Sparta Loyalty and Fishka

17th January 2024

Written by Tom Peace

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Just under two weeks before the launch of our brand new training course in Canary Wharf, London.

We have partnered with Loyalty and Reward Co and created a training course supported by Phil's Shelper's book ( Loyalty Programs: The Complete Guide 2nd Edition).

This course is will be split into 8 modules focussing on the current trends in loyalty and how to improve your customer strategy in 2024!

Sparta Loyalty, our sponsor, supports marketing operations for brands like Bath & Body Works, The Body Shop, oBag, New Balance, Samsung, and Xiaomi.

Alex Kubicki, the Head of Marketing, will also be in attendance, providing you with the perfect opportunity to learn more about their system and how it might connect with your business goals.

Start your new year the right way, by clicking on the link below and purchasing your ticket!


Fishka, one of Europe’s largest multi-partner loyalty programs utilizing Sparta Loyalty's technology, has not only thrived but has become a pinnacle of innovative and impactful loyalty solutions. This case study delves into the details, showcasing Fishka's impressive statistics, the implications derived from them, and the profound impact on both Fishka and its diverse partner network.

Strategic Partner Expansion and User Engagement:

Powered by the Sparta Loyalty Platform, Fishka has strategically expanded its partner network, reaching an impressive 14 different industries. The statistics reflect the program's significant influence with billions in partner outlets, annual turnovers, emissions, and an ever-growing user base. Millions of downloads, active users per month, and a massive balance on customer accounts underline the widespread acceptance and engagement that Fishka enjoys.

This extensive partner network not only broadens Fishka's reach but also strengthens its position as a comprehensive loyalty program, offering diverse benefits across various sectors.

Sparta Loyalty's Core Contributions:

The success of Fishka can be attributed to the foundational capabilities are powered by the Sparta Loyalty Platform. Sparta Loyalty's infrastructure facilitates the collection and analysis of customer data, empowering Fishka to engage in precise customer lifecycle management. From identifying and activating new customers to retaining and reactivating existing ones, Sparta Loyalty's 10 years of experience contribute to the platform's adaptability and effectiveness.

The flexibility of campaign settings, communication channels, and personalized promotions further distinguishes Fishka in the loyalty landscape. Machine Learning algorithms enhance customer responses, resulting in heightened participation in cross-partner campaigns and strengthened partnerships with entities like Raiffeisen Bank.

In-Depth Campaign Success:

Fishka's promotional strategies are not just innovative; they are quantifiably successful. Take, for instance, the "Promobolls for washer" campaign, where targeted and personalized offers resulted in a remarkable 40% increase in sales and a substantial 22.8% boost in sales margins. The statistics vividly portray the impact of strategic campaigns, showcasing Fishka's ability to drive both engagement and revenue through creative initiatives.

Other campaigns like "Burger Day," "Hot Dog Day," and "Coffee Day" further highlight Fishka's prowess in generating tangible results. Specific data on revenue increases and sales growth underline the effectiveness of these targeted promotions.

Cross-Partner Collaborations and Scalability:

Fishka's engagement in cross-partner promotions, particularly the "Land of Discounts," demonstrates not only the scalability of the Sparta Loyalty platform but also the collaborative potential of loyalty programs. By grouping partner offers under a common concept, Fishka achieves significant coverage, reaching millions of users across various sectors. The statistics emphasize the scalability and collaborative nature of Fishka's loyalty initiatives.

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