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5 Essential Black Friday Stats

18th November 2021

Written by Tom Peace


5 Essential Black Friday Stats

18th November 2021

Written by Tom Peace

Shopping Season Has Begun

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With just over a week to go, Black Friday this year is looking a little different!

1. 63% of consumers change their shopping habits at Christmas (LinkedIn)

Why? This has to do with the sudden affordability of some brands in Black Friday yet also the tendency to 'splash out' or buy for others from retailers we wouldn't otherwise shop with.

What does this mean? As a business, stand-out incentives for a consumer to continue shopping with you or providing an exceptional experience that makes them stay the rest of the year is really important to keep that customer.

2. 46% of Londoners will be participating in Black Friday (

Why? The higher income brackets in London also mean Londoners are expected to spend the most on the Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in 2021, spending £468, 11% more than in 2020 and 25% more than in 2019.

What does this mean? This is higher than the UK average of 33%, if you're running targeted ads it could be beneficial to focus in on the London market where relevant.

3. 6% less shoppers will be participating in Black Friday (

Why? The impacts of the last 18 months on the economy means people are more careful with their spending but also more environmentally aware.

What does this mean? Many sustainable organisations aren't taking part in Black Friday due to the consumerism and waste it creates. Have a think whether you really need to take part or could be taking a stand for positive change.

4. Amazon has 24.2% of all Black Friday sales (

Why? It's easy, we trust it, there are plenty of reviews, our details are already entered and free shipping influences 47% of web conversions - easily available on prime.

What does this mean? Product-based businesses need to get on the Amazon platform to claim a slice of Black Friday Pie otherwise could be overlooked for the same product that comes with the 'security' of a trusted website.

5. This year, shoppers began searching for 'Black Friday' started 12 weeks before the date itself (

Why? Rising costs, supply chain issues and anxiety around finding the right gifts and deals when there are so many options are driving people to begin their Christmas shopping earlier this year than ever before.

What does this mean? You need to be planning much further ahead with your search strategy and marketing to be top of mind when consumers are searching for deals.

This is true for all public holidays from Valentines to Veganuary - planning ahead pays off.

You can find even more insight in the news area!

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