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What Future Consumers Shop For

2nd September 2021

Written by Tom Peace


Marketers, here’s what future retail consumers might be shopping for

What Future Consumers Shop For

2nd September 2021

Written by Tom Peace

As part of The Drum’s deep dive into all things Retail, Satish Krishnamurthy, chief strategy officer at TBWA\India, and Vishwajit Vyas, head of data practice at TBWA\India picks out a handful of emerging trends that could help companies today connect with consumers tomorrow.

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More than the core product

The pandemic has ushered in a surge towards self-care and making the quality of everyday life better. Consumers are becoming so much more conscious of the organisations behind the brand name and their CSR credentials. Fair employee treatment, sustainable sourcing and production are increasingly important.

How buying supports self-actualisation

Everyone's heard of Maslow's hierarchy but we shop according to how the products fit with our lifestyle and how we see ourselves. Does buying a certain pair of shoes over another support those in developing countries? Yes if you purchase a pair of Toms.

If someone was looking to live a zero-waste lifestyle a meal-box with fully recyclable packaging and absolutely no food waste might opt for Gousto over a supermarket shop collecting armfuls of non-recyclable plastic bags.

Experiential shopping

Physical retail stores will never be the same again with the boom of digital but also consumers valuing in-person interaction so much more.

Retail spaces are slowly transforming into extended community circles that help people reconnect with society in the post-Covid world.

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