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Weekly Update 19th January 2023

19th January 2023

Written by Tom Peace


Weekly Update 19th January 2023

19th January 2023

Written by Tom Peace

Do you know the history of loyalty marketing? Join us as we explore the roots and look at how loyalty programs have developed over the centuries.

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It's said that the first loyalty program began in the late 1700s by Sudbury, a New Hampshire merchant who began rewarding customers with copper tokens. The tokens could be used for future purchases encouraging repeat visits. In the years to follow, many businesses introduced a similar program!

In the 1890s copper coins were traded for a more cost-effective option, stamps. Customers could earn stamps when making purchases and were encouraged to stick them into collecting books. The books could later be exchanged for rewards.

Swifty after stamps, retailers began placing coupons directly onto product packaging, known as 'box tops'. Betty Crocker introduced their box top program in 1929, laying the framework for loyalty programs as we know them today.

Card-based customer loyalty programs grew in popularity in the late 1900s as retailers searched for a way to easily monitor loyalty and drive in-store sales. Whilst many are opting for a more modern version, these types of loyalty programs are still around today!

With huge developments in technology and the rise of e-commerce, today's loyalty programs look a lot different! Many brands are favouring modern web or app-based schemes over a card or stamp-based system.

The way we can earn rewards has changed too. In the past, you'd have to shop directly with a retailer to gain points, you can now share something on social media, shop with a loyalty partner or refer a friend!

The Loyalty People are excited to announce our new partner, Pobuca! 🙌

Pobuca offers turn-key solutions; from consulting services to solution design, after-sales technical support, customization, and marketing managed services!

They help empower B2C companies to build direct, personalized relationships with thousands or millions of consumers through technology & data and convert satisfied customers to loyal ones.

They help brands and retailers measure CX, design the right strategy based on KPIs, and then improve it in terms of loyalty, customer service, and better engagement through personalisation.

This weeks Let's Talk Loyalty Short Summary Show, hosted by Tom Peace

#328: Accor Hotels Live Limitless with Isabelle Birem

Key insights from Isabelle Birem, the senior vice-president of loyalty at Accor hotels, from her interview from November 2021.

Tom Peace, from The Loyalty People, shares his insights from this fascinating interview where Isabelle talks about some fascinating insight from the amazing Accor Live Limitless programme. Of particular interest is how Accor have ensured that loyalty is at the very heart of their brand marketing. Burn driving Earn is also a key feature of this programme and Isabelle talks in great detail about the importance of creating customer value, which drives engagement and loyalty.

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