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Monday Morning Insights - 20th February 2023

20th February 2023

Written by Tom Peace


Monday Morning Insights - 20th February 2023

20th February 2023

Written by Tom Peace

M&S Develop their Loyalty Program

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The new premium loyalty programme from M&S will provide members in-store "VIP service."

Members of Sparks Plus will have access to advantages worth over £200 in addition to those offered by Sparks card holders currently. However, Spark Plus can only be accessed through invitation only. We'll have to wait a while before it's available for the general public.

Members receive advantages worth over £200 through the new subscription service in addition to their current Sparks privileges. The Sparks Plus membership comes with:

• a free monthly hot drink from any M&S café.

• an unlimited next-day delivery service.

• and a monthly £10 coupon.

Furthermore, members will receive a unique gift, access to shop events, double charity donations, as well as other special incentives.


Just like M&S have innovated, the Loyalty People are working with our clients more and more often to develop VIP treatments and benefits for their most valuable and most loyal customers. This benefit structure seems to be more and more popular and it's different to a standard tiered benefit structure because it doesn't always rely on transactional behaviours.

VIP tiers can be aimed at celebrities and influencers, high net worth individuals and as a benefit for partner business, as well as those that show loyalty through their purchases.

We are also seeing brands use this as a subscription model where those that are not invited can pay for the VIP treatment, if that's their preference.

This is definitely a trend for loyalty in the next few years. Have questions or need help? Contact us on:

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