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Introducing the Speakers for Our Berlin Masterclass

28th February 2024

Written by Tom Peace


Introducing the Speakers for Our Berlin Masterclass

28th February 2024

Written by Tom Peace

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Mark your calendars for April 23rd as we unveil our upcoming Loyalty Masterclass in Berlin, presented in collaboration with Loyalty and Reward Co! Proudly sponsored by Talon.One, this exclusive training event will be held at their headquarters. Plus, all participants will receive a complimentary pass to Talon.One's premier loyalty and promotions summit, INCENTIVIZE.

Don't miss this opportunity!

Join us for our two-day masterclass, where you'll be guided by industry experts MD Tom Peace from The Loyalty People and Philip Shelper, CEO of Loyalty and Reward Co. Through 8 essential modules, you'll gain valuable insights to craft a top-tier loyalty program that enhances engagement and maximizes returns on investment.

At our Berlin Masterclass, three speakers will be presenting the course content:

👉 Tom Peace, Managing Director of The Loyalty People

Tom is a Customer Engagement expert and Loyalty Strategist with over 15 years of industry experience, specializes in various sectors such as Financial Services, Retail, Hospitality, Travel, and FMCG.

👉 Philip Shelper, CEO of Loyalty and Reward Co

Phil is a seasoned expert in the loyalty industry, serving as a designer, speaker, educator, and researcher. Phil's extensive membership in numerous loyalty programs, coupled with his relentless research into loyalty psychology and history, equips him with a deep understanding of the core dynamics behind successful loyalty programs.

👉 Hunter Murray, Strategy Consultant of Loyalty and Reward Co

Hunter is knowledgeable in the areas of customer loyalty, project management, data analysis, Web3, and AI . Hunter's experience spans B2C and B2B businesses across industries including eCommerce, Energy, Financial Services, Hospitality, Property, Retail and Travel.

Click the link below to register for our Berlin training course and secure your FREE Incentivize ticket!

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