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#362: Discovery Vitality: Behavioural Change Programme is resulting in Healthier Lifestyle through Generous Rewards

Celeste Williams is Head of Marketing for Vitality South Africa.  Celeste shares generous performance statistics on how this leading programme changes behaviour of its members.

With over 40 million members worldwide in 40 countries, Vitality is a well known brand in the Healthcare industry.

Through this interview, we learn how innovation, gamification and a relentless focus on a shared value model reframes the term ‘loyalty’ and can prove engaged members live longer.

 Discovery has a high performance culture which lives the Vitality way and this shines through in how Vitality rewards its engaged members so handsomely.

Show Notes:

1) Celeste Williams

2) Discovery

3) Vitality Rewards

4) Vitality: Twitter

5) Vitality: Instagram

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