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Which Loyalty Innovation Will Remain Popular in 2024?

18th December 2023

Written by Tom Peace


Which Loyalty Innovation Will Remain Popular in 2024?

18th December 2023

Written by Tom Peace

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In the last year, there has been many loyalty innovations that have changed the outlook of loyalty in 2023. Many of these innovations are traditionally know in the loyalty sector. However, due to data and technological advancements many businesses have utilised new tools to improve their customer experience strategy. Today, The Loyalty People are looking into the best Loyalty Innovations this year and asking our community

"Which Loyalty Innovation Will Remain Popular in 2024?"


Subscription innovation is not new in the loyalty industry, however may companies have revamped their existing loyalty programs to subscriptions models which focusses on promoting exclusive discounts to member who have signed up as well as retaining the value of being a returning customer. Examples of Subscription based loyalty include

Pret a Manger - Club Pret

The North Face - XPLR Pass

Interactive Experiences

Many companies have the technical and financial freedom to find more ways to elevate their brand presence. This has lead to businesses implementing immersive experiences to their most loyal fans. The experiences create excitement and increase brand loyalty. examples include,

Netflix - Pop up events

Starbuck Odyssey - NFT collectables

Brand Responsibility

Customers may now share their thoughts regarding the company's reputation and behaviour thanks to the power of social media. Because of shifting political, economic, and social issues, many businesses must modify their business objectives to guarantee that their consumer base is satisfied with the company's approach. Examples include

Patagonia - Using recycled materials

IKEA Buy Back and Resell - Sustainable Furniture

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