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What Form of Personalisation is More Effective to Increase Customer Engagement

13th November 2023

Written by Tom Peace


What Form of Personalisation is More Effective to Increase Customer Engagement

13th November 2023

Written by Tom Peace

Monday Morning Insight and LinkedIn Poll

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On the 30th of October we released an insight and a LinkedIn poll about "Does Personalisation Keep You Engaged with a Business" and from the results of our poll 91% overwhelmingly voted yes! This week The Loyalty People will continue of this same topic but asking our community

"What Form of Personalisation is More Effective to Increase Customer Engagement?"

As we discussed from our previous insight personalisation has been a driving force for all sectors of business. Companies can utilise modern tech integrations to understand their customers shopping behaviour and understand their spending habits.

It’s easy to think of relevant communication when we think of personalisation but there are other innovative methods to create a personal relationship between customer and a business; here is a summary of some of the interesting ways organisations have created personalisation.

Social engagement

Many organisations now have dedicated social media teams to engage with and promote content to their target audience, with the goal of gaining new customers along the way. Adopting social media into business plans enabled organisations to consider ways to keep customers engaged by connecting with followers and sharing exclusive information about their products or services.

Customer Feedback

To increase customer retention and satisfaction, several businesses have grown more open to receiving customer input, particularly reviews of products and positive comments that will help the customer make their purchase. Over time, this transparency and engagement will lead to clients becoming more personally invested in the company, resulting in emotional loyalty.

Offering a referral program

As part of a loyalty program, a referral program will reward customers with their engagement of the business. Your loyal consumers can promote your company to a friend or loved one by using a referral program. By compensating the consumer who refers the individual, the organisation increases their loyalty to the company and encourages them to repeat the practice. Traditionally, a referred consumer would have a higher standard of appreciation for the business because someone directly brought them to the app, creating a more personal relationship.

What are your thoughts? Click on the link below to vote in our latest poll!

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