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Weekly Update 15th December 2022

15th December 2022

Written by Tom Peace


Weekly Update 15th December 2022

15th December 2022

Written by Tom Peace

Antavo’s Global Customer Loyalty Report 2023

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There's still time to get your hands on Antavo's Global Customer Loyalty Report for 2023! Reflecting on the impact of the inflation crisis and recession on the world of loyalty programs, here are some major takeaways:

• 88.5% of respondents believe that loyalty programs will play an essential role in overcoming the inflation crisis and potential recession

• Loyalty program members who spend points in a loyalty program have a 6.3X higher lifetime value

• 80.0% of companies who measure the ROI of their loyalty programs reported a positive ROI with on average 4.9X more revenue than what they spend

Download this industry-defining report and stay ahead with your loyalty marketing strategy.

Black Friday 2022 Roundup

Global sales were up
On a global basis, online Black Friday sales were up 3% year-on-year. However, it varies at the country level, for example, the United States were up 12% YoY but the United Kingdom were down 13% on online sales. (Salesforce)

Average discount differed per country
The United States received an average rate of 31% off. The UK & Ireland saw an average discount rate of 23%, while Australia & New Zealand came in at 24% and France at 29%. (Salesforce)

Smartphone shopping up in the US
Smartphones accounted for 55% of online sales on Thanksgiving Day itself, up from 51% last year. Black Friday was expected to see 53% of online sales come from smartphones. (Adobe)

Introducing Prezzee!

We're delighted to announce that Prezzee is the latest partner at The Loyalty People!

Prezzee is a global digital gifting business that prides itself on creating remarkable gifting moments for consumers, businesses and 1,000+ brand partners across the world.

Founded in 2014, Prezzee has evolved from a two person Australian start-up to a global business and operations in North America, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

Find out more about Prezzee and our other partners on our partner directory.

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