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Weekly Update 13th October 2022

16th October 2022

Written by Tom Peace


Weekly Update 13th October 2022

16th October 2022

Written by Tom Peace

5 Tips To Boost Brand Loyalty & Partner Update

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5 Tips To Boost Brand Loyalty
Brand loyalty is the dedication a customer feels toward a brand that pushes them to consistently buy their products and/or services, regardless of competitors, price, or convenience. In short, brand loyalty drives growth! A study by Annex Cloud found 65% of revenue in most companies comes from repeat business with existing clients.

#1 Improve your post-purchase customer experience
Many brands nail great customer service up until the sale. However, post-purchase is where many fall short. Businesses can improve the post-purchase experience by creating an online community for customers or providing omnichannel customer support.

#2 Utilise social media for customer service.
Research shows customers want service via social media, and they expect a quick response. Ensure staff are fully trained and try to make the experience personal. No one wants to feel like they are talking to a robot! A study shows that 42% of consumers expect a response on social media within an hour, and another 32% expect a response within 30 minutes.

#3 Listen to your customers.
It's likely that complaints businesses receive have a common theme. Many solve the individual problem and tick it off the list, but the chances are this problem will keep occurring unless the main source of the issue is addressed. Analyse the data each week and address the issues at hand. Continuous improvement is key!

#4 Don't forget your employees.
If you want loyal customers, start with your employees first! When they feel appreciated, valued and included, customers see and feel it too. Involve them in the future of the business, value their work-life balance and ask them for feedback. After all, your employees are your most valuable asset and the face of your business!

#5 Find common values.
A great way to build brand loyalty is to create strong relationships based on common values. Find out exactly what your customers care about and look for it within your organisation. Consumers buy a brand, switch from it, or boycott it based on the brand’s stance on controversial or social issues. A study shows 76% will buy a brand for the first time based solely on the brand’s position on a controversial topic.

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