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Weekly Round-up - 27th April 2023

27th April 2023

Written by Tom Peace


Weekly Round-up - 27th April 2023

27th April 2023

Written by Tom Peace

Introducing our latest partner, Stream Loyalty

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📢 The Loyalty People are excited to announce Stream Loyalty as our new partner

Stream Loyalty offer an enterprise loyalty platform enabling brands to deploy complex integrated loyalty programmes globally across their markets. For their enterprise clients they have delivered on average 21% revenue increase, together with an average increase of 36% member engagement in referrals. Designed with a modular approach the software platform provides companies with the ability to utilise loyalty to grow revenues, motivate customer retention and inspire customer acquisition.

With their easy to use Keep, Grow and Win campaign modules Stream Loyalty's customers have seen up to an 80% increase in referrals, over 70% of customers actively purchasing new products and over 43% of customers changing their buying behaviours over a long-term period.

Interested in working with Stream Loyalty? Click on the link below to visit our Partner Directory and learn more about our 40+ partners

📢 This Week's Loyalty Podcast


#370: Loyalty Insights from Poland

While it’s still a relatively young market, many loyalty programs in Poland are innovative, competitive and progressive. And there are more than 130 business-to-consumer loyalty programs. In this week’s episode of Let’s Talk “a little” Loyalty, Tom showcases some of the key points of interest from the comprehensive overview of the loyalty industry in Poland, from the original podcast hosted by Paula Thomas and featuring Tomasz Makaruk, CEO of i360 Tomasz holds a PhD in Marketing and has spent more than a decade specialising in loyalty.

Tomasz frequently publishes articles on his marketing blog, talking about the most interesting and complicated issues he sees when creating and managing loyalty programmes.

Hosted by Tom Peace.

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