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Weekly Round - Up 31/08/23

31st August 2023

Written by Tom Peace


Weekly Round - Up 31/08/23

31st August 2023

Written by Tom Peace

Weekly Round Up

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Create your own campaigns using Neodays Customer Engagement Platform

We know the struggle. Plenty of creative ideas for campaigns or other ways to capture your customers’ attention and hearts. If only you had the time, the resources, the technical infrastructure to make them come to life…

The right tool can make things much easier. A no-code solution that enables anyone to develop creative campaigns without the need for designers or software- or app developers. A tool that integrates with your current systems, without disrupting them.

NeoDay’s customer engagement platform offers such tooling. Big brands like Heineken and Pathé cinemas also recognised this and used NeoDay’s solution in their award-winning loyalty efforts. You can read more about its features and possibilities on the NeoDay website, but since words can only explain so much, they offer you the opportunity to experience it yourself through a free trial.

Tip: the people behind NeoDay will also be present at The Big Handshake - Loyalty, the networking and learning event bringing together the brightest from the industry this October in Amsterdam. A great opportunity to have a look at the tool and exchange ideas.

Click on the link below to develop your next campaign!

Share your thoughts in our latest LinkedIn poll

For our Monday Morning Insight, we discussed "Do you say Loyalty Program or Programme?" After a couple of serious topics we wanted to know your opinion on the right way to say loyalty program(me).
Our latest LinkedIn poll is still up and running and we would like you to share your thoughts on this topic before it ends.

Click on the link below to visit our LinkedIn page and have your thoughts shared with the rest of the community.

This Week's Loyalty Podcast - Let's Talk a Little Loyalty

#424 : Del Yeah Rewards: Del Taco's Key Component for Business Growth
In this weeks episode of Let’s talk “a little” loyalty Tom reviews the original podcast hosted by Paula Thomas, where she is joined by Erin Levzow, who shares her industry-leading insights and ideas from their “Del Yeah!” program which has already won prestigious awards – including B2C app of the year and the Gold Award for Loyalty Strategy.

Del Taco is the world’s second-largest Mexican fast-food restaurant chain, and its loyalty program is playing a vital role in its popularity and growth.

Learn how Del Taco has created such a compelling mobile app featuring Del Yeah! Rewards to truly attract and retain its customers.

Hosted by Tom Peace

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