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The Guide for 2024 Loyalty Strategies Just Released

6th December 2023

Written by Tom Peace


The Guide for 2024 Loyalty Strategies Just Released

6th December 2023

Written by Tom Peace

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In January we are hosting our new training course Loyalty Programs: The Complete Masterclass in London. This new course will cover all of the latest insights in the field of loyalty, and it is supported by the latest version of Phil Shelper's best-selling book, Loyalty Programs: The Complete Guide 2nd edition.

Two weeks ago we announced Talon.One as our first sponsor for the new training course, Loyalty Programs: The Complete Masterclass.

Talon.One's Director of Industry Strategy Sam Panzer will be presenting "The Path of Profitability: Why Promotions Matter". Sam demonstrates how running personalised incentives may produce positive ROI for your company and build consumer loyalty in this in-depth look. We are delighted to have him offer his insights on this critical aspect of loyalty.

More information about Talon.One's new eBook and their latest webinar, which is accessible to view on demand, can be found further down.

There is less than two weeks left to take advantage of the EARLY BIRD discount and save £250!

Click on the link below to buy your tickets!


Loyalty Strategies for 2024: Best loyalty programs from around the world

Inside the ebook, you'll find winning loyalty strategies + best practices from leading brands. Also, how to approach loyalty as a digital transformation initiative with real-life examples from brands like Sephora, Harry Rosen and McDonald's.

Click on the link to download

Boosting Your Customer Data Strategy: How to Use Loyalty Data in a Cookieless Future

The cookieless future demands the shift to first-party data to maintain effective customer engagement strategies. Learn how loyalty programs act as data collectors that enable brands to leverage voluntary data sharing to build personalized experiences without being intrusive

Click on the link below to watch the full Webinar

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