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Snipp Interactive's Content Highlights

6th September 2023

Written by Tom Peace


Snipp Interactive's Content Highlights

6th September 2023

Written by Tom Peace

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9th June 2022

Three Reasons Paid-For Subscriptions Win


June 2020

Emotion Promotion: The new rules of Loyalty for the post-COVID era


February 2020

Top 5 Reasons why your Loyalty Program is struggling

The Complete Guide to Customer Engagement

In a world where 66% of customers expect companies to understand their unique needs, but only 34% of them do, keeping customers engaged through their journey is crucial to develop and strengthen a relationship with them.

Discover how you can grow and maintain your customer relationships with...

• Proven Elements of an Effective Customer Engagement Strategy
• How to Measure Customer Engagement Strategies
• The Next Step to Engagement: Retention
• Mar-tech Tools & the Future of Customer Engagement
• and more

Click on the link below to download the report

Customer Loyalty landscape in EMEA 2023

A conversation with Mario Invernizzi, Snipp Interactive - a 25+ year loyalty industry veteran

Get an overview of the market in EMEA, covering trends and technology in promotions and loyalty. The conversation touches on consumer behaviour trends, new data privacy regulations, and technology development in this dynamic region.

Mario Invernizzi is a 25+ year veteran in this industry and currently heads up sales for Snipp in the EMEA region. Mario is a dynamic and sales-oriented entrepreneur and has been building and leading business operations, partners and marketing strategies across Europe and the US.

Watch the Video here!

Customer Retention Tactics for your Multichannel Loyalty Program

Building customer loyalty is not just about offering reward points and promotions: it’s also the effort a brand shows in addressing customer needs, eliminating friction points, and adding value to interactions across every channel.

Avoid churn and burn with these customer retention tactics to eliminate customer friction points and add value to interactions across every channel.

• Make Mobile the Focus of Digital-First Strategies
• Develop Long-Term Customer Relationships by Going Beyond Earn & Burn Mindsets
• Leverage Tech for Value-Added Services and Eliminating Customer Pain Points
• and more!

Click on the link below to watch the video

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