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No Cookies? No Problem!

9th December 2021

Written by Tom Peace


No Cookies? No Problem!

9th December 2021

Written by Tom Peace

How to prepare for a cookie-less world:

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Top 5 Reasons why your Loyalty Program is struggling

Data has long been essential for loyalty marketers to ensure the right customers are getting the right offers based on not just their purchase data but interests and activity across other websites.

Without harnessing data, offers could become less relevant and engagement rates in the loyalty scheme will drop.

There are still multiple avenues of data collection, however, according to Forbes, brands are advised to do the following:

✅ Capture first-party data (collect directly from your website).

✅ Focus on zero-party data (data freely provided to you by the customer).

✅ Build strong, direct consumer relationships (customers are willing to share more information for a better experience).

✅ Invest in a strong CRM capability (centralising most of your data in one place means building more effective campaigns and messages).

✅ Partner with key industry publishers (gain insight about audiences through partnerships).

✅ Prioritise privacy during ad planning (maintain transparency so customers are more willing to share data when asked and maintain that data privacy is a right and not a privilege).

✅ Invest and improve analytics capabilities for a unified view (invest in real-time data analytics to optimise CX strategy).

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