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Monday Morning Insights - 13th March 2023

13th March 2023

Written by Tom Peace


Monday Morning Insights - 13th March 2023

13th March 2023

Written by Tom Peace

Boot's Makes NEW Changes to Their Advantage Card

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Boots has revealed that it's going to alter its Advantage Card to accommodate the increasing demands for instant savings.

Customers can still receive points every time they make a purchase at the cosmetics and health care business, but the rate has been reduced to 3p for every £1 spent, previously 4p. Boots, however, has stated that they would provide consumers with more opportunities to earn double and triple points throughout the year in addition to other promotions and possibilities to save money.

There are exceptions for people over 60, members of the Boots Parenting Club, Students, and clients of Boots Opticians, who are part of the contact lens rewards programme.

🛍️ For every £1 spent on Boots Own Brand, those over 60 are still eligible for eight points.

👶Members of the Boots Parents Club will continue to earn eight points for every £1 spend on a baby.

🎓Students will continue to enjoy a 10 percent discount with the appropriate ID from Boots Opticians,

🕶Those who participate in the Contact Lens Rewards Plan will save an additional 10 percent on Boots-branded goods.

Boots promises that additional promotions and campaigns will increase the chances for customers to earn double or extra points. In response to the evolving ways that consumers are utilising the loyalty programme, Boots is increasing Price Advantage as part of its largest-ever value investment.

Pete Markey, Chief Marketing Officer at Boots, said:

“Boots Advantage Card is one of the original and most generous loyalty programmes, and now we are making it better - to fit our customers changing needs and the way they now want to shop. Customers want to be rewarded with on-the-spot lower prices and instant value. We’ve also noticed that Advantage Card members are now more frequently using their points to buy essentials instead of saving them up, we’ve listened and have expanded the scheme to give more instant rewards, immediate value and lower prices.”

The Loyalty People think this is a bold move for one of the longest established retail programmes around, but it's the right decision in our humble opinion. There is a definite desire from customers for instant rewards and gamified benefits, which this change will provide.

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