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Monday Morning Insights - 10th April 2023

10th April 2023

Written by Tom Peace


Monday Morning Insights - 10th April 2023

10th April 2023

Written by Tom Peace

How will Inflation Effect Loyalty Programs

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We are all facing tough times with inflation rising on a global scale. The cost of living crisis is very real and we are all feeling the effects.

Consumers are looking for ways to save and as a result we are all spending less on non-essential items. According to Forbes "69% of consumers have changed non-essential shopping in the last six months, and a staggering 96% of consumers plan to adopt cost-saving behaviours over the next six months."

So what does this mean for loyalty programs? Well, a reduction in spend can't be good for any business and brands need to adapt to make sure that your loyalty scheme is set up to support customers. Customers will be researching more thoroughly and loyalty may decline as they try new things in order to save money.

Retaining your existing customers and maximising your engagement with them will be vital. Focus on the brand benefits that you know your customers love.

Acquisition can be a strong tactic as customers look around for opportunities to save money but you will need to discount heavily to win in this market.

Here's some top tips to support your loyal customers and drive growth through economic tough times

👉Focus on instant rewards that provide strong value, such as points boost

👉Give your best customers promotions to encourage increased basket spend

👉Re-engage lapsers to keep them active in the brand

👉Focus on your brand USPs and make it easy for customers to research

👉Offer strong discounts for new customers to try your brand - but make sure you enrol them into your loyalty program

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