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Meet the speakers of our upcoming event

25th July 2023

Written by Tom Peace


Meet the speakers of our upcoming event

25th July 2023

Written by Tom Peace

The Big Handshake - Loyalty Update

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Meet the speakers and discover the innovative subjects we have lined up!

Our brand NEW loyalty event this October in Amsterdam is approaching fast. This event will include engaging workshops, networking opportunities, keynote speaker sessions, and vigorous debates on the most recent advancements in loyalty.

We have gathered some of today's contemporary loyalty innovators, the best minds in loyalty, to share their thoughts and expertise. Check out a selection of speakers and subject matter below:

Tom Peace, MD of The Loyalty People

Insight Presentation on Gen Z Loyalty - "Why don't they behave like the rest of us?"

Tom will speak about how Gen Zs do not respond to loyalty in the same way that the rest of us do. Their allegiance standards are vastly different throughout generations!

Simon Jamieson, MD of The Marketing Lounge Partnership

Keynote Speaker Session on the "Manners in Marketing"

Great marketing can not save a company with a terrible culture and poor customer service....but great marketers can foster a culture of customer care and equip customer-facing team members with the tools they need to give excellent customer service.

Phillip Shelper, CEO of Loyalty and Reward Co and Ryan De Boer CFO of Loyalty and Reward Co

Workshop on "Loyalty Program Optimisation"

Phillip and Ryan are experts in loyalty best practice and Phillip is the author of the best selling book “Loyalty Programs: The Complete Guide”. They will provide advice on how to improve the success of loyalty programmes through data analytics, commercial modelling, and the adoption of industry trends.

Jatin Pandey Director of Membership and Loyalty Program for PVH Corp, Danielle McManus, Head of Loyalty for Levi Strauss Co, Sian Larsen, Senior Customer Rewards Manager at Post Office Ltd

Panel Discussion on Re-Inventing Loyalty "Imagine if the consumer world was 100% digital"

Join Jatin, Dani and Sian for a casual talk about how brands can sell to and engage with their customers through digital loyalty in a world where there will be no other channel of contact!

Philip Shelper, CEO of Loyalty and Reward Co

Workshop on "The Best Practices for Loyalty Strategy"

Join Phil for this excellent opportunity to learn about the most recent loyalty trends through an interactive session.

Tamar de Leeuw, CEO at Wonderbox, Hadie Perkas, CEO at The Gift Club and
Flora Leoni, Retail Media & Data Partnership Director at Carrafour

Fireside chat about the "Women in Loyalty"

Embracing female leadership. Our distinguished panellists will discuss their adventures, obstacles, professional triumphs, and the future of women in the business.

We are excited to ensemble this all star list of loyalty experts to our event. each of them will be giving their insight and personal opinions about the current and future trends of loyalty. You can find a full breakdown of the Day 2 agenda on The Big Handshake website.

Click on the link below to purchase your ticket!

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