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Learn more about the influential trends of building loyalty

5th June 2023

Written by Tom Peace


Learn more about the influential trends of building loyalty

5th June 2023

Written by Tom Peace

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The Loyalty People are excited to announce i360's latest report called 'In The Age of UX, Content and AI'. The report explores key developments of retaining customers across multiple workplace sectors. The research aids business owners and marketers in understanding how to take advantage of these trends and any potential issues that might arise when putting them into practise by offering insights and useful advice.

Experts from a variety of fields are among the guests in the report who share their knowledge and expertise on cultivating client loyalty.

This is including our very own Managing Director Tom Peace who talks about the uses and challenges of AI in marketing and loyalty activities.

Below is a list of the remaining experts that will be sharing their professional insights .

Izabela Szymańska, Content Manager and editor-in-chief of “Empik Pasje.

Damian Izdebski, Art Director at i360

Paweł Galiński and Marcin Rodziewicz, attorneys-at-law at Galiński & Kleina Kancelaria Radców Prawnych

Martyna Olszak-Batora, Head of Creative Department & PR at Ania Kruk

Karolina Malicka, Account & Content Manager at i360

Beata Morris, BMS Manager of Glovo Polska

Jakub Rybak, Manager for Merchant Acquisition & B2B Marketing Partnerships at Allegro

We would also like to give a special mention to the authors of i360's latest report

Tomasz Makaruk, CEO at i360

Kajetan Licznerski, UX/UI Designer at i360

Łukasz Sankowski, IT Manager at i360

If you want to discover how to differentiate your brand, surprise customers, and form deep ties, this report is for you.

Click on the link below to download the report

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