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Learn more about Loyalty Programme Trends across 24 European Countries

29th March 2023

Written by Tom Peace


Learn more about Loyalty Programme Trends across 24 European Countries

29th March 2023

Written by Tom Peace

NEW European Loyalty Member Research

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We are happy to share that Mando-Connect have collaborated with YouGov on the release of a whitepaper which came out on the 15th March, launched at The Loyalty Summit in Zurich. The Whitepaper goes in depth about loyalty memberships and the impacts they have across 24 European Countries.

A brief look into the whitepaper explains that 61% of adults across the 24 countries are members of at least one loyalty programme and in some countries this rises as high as 4 to 5 adults.

Further insights include:

🚀43% says membership to a loyalty programme makes them more loyal to that brand.

🚀36% says it makes them more likely to recommend the brand to others.

🚀33% feel more emotionally connected.

🚀29% will spend more.

Charlie Hills, the MD and Head of Strategy at Mando-Connect says

"In today’s ever more connected world it is absolutely critical that we look outside of our own brands, sector and world for inspiration. I am proud to take the first pan-European view of the loyalty landscape – the majority of adults across the 24 countries we explored are members of programmes, the majority find them appealing and the positive impact of loyalty programmes on functional and emotional metrics can now be quantified at a pan-European and a country-specific level. But data alone is not enough, we must also look for stories to inspire. The experts and programme leads featured in this paper have done an outstanding job of bringing the data to life; I hope you enjoy reading this paper as much as I have enjoyed being part of the pan-European team that has created it.”

The Whitepaper will be available to download free of charge, by clicking on the link below.

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