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Join our latest webinar and learn more about the launch of the European loyalty Training

25th October, 2023

Written by Tom Peace


Join our latest webinar and learn more about the launch of the European loyalty Training

25th October, 2023

Written by Tom Peace

Upcoming Webinar and New Training Course

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Phil Shelper joins our latest Webinar, to discuss his new book and the launch of European loyalty training

Join us on the 14th November when Tom Peace will be interviewing Phil Shelper, CEO of Loyalty and Reward Co, and author of best seller, Loyalty Programs: The Complete Guide available NOW on Amazon in 2nd edition.

Phil has extensive experience within the loyalty industry as a designer, speaker, educator and researcher. In addition to designing loyalty programs for over 100 brands globally, he previously held loyalty roles at Qantas Frequent Flyer and Vodafone. Phil's business, Loyalty and Reward Co has developed loyalty for global brands such as McDonalds, Credit Suisse, Gillette and we can't wait to share some of Phil's learnings on the webinar.

We are also very excited to announce a brand NEW collaboration between The Loyalty People and Loyalty and Reward Co... Both companies are coming together to bring a new educational course called Loyalty Programs: The Complete Masterclass to the European loyalty market.

Supported by Phil's latest book, this course will be the most comprehensive and future-focused loyalty training course available across Europe. See below for more details!

Click below to sign up to the webinar at 10am UK time on Tuesday 14th November


Loyalty Programs: The Complete Masterclass™ is the Asia Pacific region’s leading loyalty education course, covering the latest trends in loyalty, such as emotional connection, experiential design, gamification, use of technology for loyalty, subscription-based programs, and more

​The course will be delivered by loyalty experts from The Loyalty People and Loyalty & Reward Co. The first event, in January 2024 in London, will be delivered personally by Phil Shelper (CEO and founder Loyalty & Reward Co) and Tom Peace (MD of The Loyalty People).

​The course will cover:

​The history of loyalty programs
Loyalty psychology and academic reviews
27 loyalty program design frameworks
Data and lifecycle marketing strategies to drive personalisation
Technology, gamification and future loyalty trends
Commercial modelling, and security and fraud risks

All supported by Phil's new book and over loyalty program 170 case studies from all around the world.

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