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Introducing our New Sponsor NeoDay

5th January 2024

Written by Tom Peace


Introducing our New Sponsor NeoDay

5th January 2024

Written by Tom Peace

On January 30th, we will be collaborating with Loyalty and Reward Co to present a training course highlighting the most recent insights in the subject of loyalty, backed up by Phil Shelper's best-selling book, Loyalty Programs: The Complete Guide 2nd Edition.

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This course will be split into 8 modules which will have their own individual themes:

Module 1 - Introduction to loyalty programs
Module 2 - Psychology, biases and heuristics
Module 3 - Rewards, programs designs and gamification
Module 4 - Member personal data
Module 5 - Loyalty technology and program innovation
Module 6 - Loyalty marketing and lifecycle management
Module 7 - Loyalty program commercial modelling
Module 8 - Fraud risks, and the future of loyalty

You can learn more about the course details by clicking on this link.

Start your new year the right way, by clicking on the link below and purchasing your ticket!

The Loyalty People are excited to announce our NeoDay as our LATEST sponsor

Creating 'Meaningful Moments' between your customers and your brand was never this easy. NeoDay is redefining Loyalty, through Customer Engagement: with a platform that will increase engagement with your audiences in a brand worthy and relevant way, without any coding skills required. From increasing average basket sizes and buying frequencies, to lengthening customer lifetimes, all with better results, but with less resources and in less time.

Loyalty Campaign creation goes from MONTHS to DAYS with NeoDay, increasing results while decreasing lead times and costs due to its drag & drop nature, free of any form of required coding skills.

More personalization & control, better results & insights, but free of any dependencies and costs of IT departments and/or agencies.

Learn how NeoDay's award-winning technology can help you develop Loyalty Programs in only a few hours to fulfil your marketing goals.

Click on the link below to begin your free trial to discover how Neoday's software can benefit your company.

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