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Introducing our New Partner - The Healthy Minds Club

18th May 2023

Written by Tom Peace


Introducing our New Partner - The Healthy Minds Club

18th May 2023

Written by Tom Peace

New Partner Announcement

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Healthy Minds Club is a Multi-Award winning Well Tech company offering the first personalised health & wellbeing Platform & Gift Card. They connect their users with exactly what they need to proactively empower positive mental, physical & financial wellbeing. They have done all the hard work for you by sourcing & screening a fantastic range of right experts, products and services to prevent wellbeing issues and achieve important lifestyle goals.

Their solution is universal, supporting Wellbeing, Benefits, Rewards & Recognition, Personal Development and ESG which often means they can save you time & money.

Key Benefits & Opportunities for you

👉Personalised Wellbeing Membership for EVERY employee/client with a growing evolving proposition

👉 Proactive & preventative reducing sickness, absence & staff attrition

👉 Increased productivity & business performance with high performing staff & happier customers

👉 Consolidated budgets and reducing costs by using our platform across multiple use cases

👉 Saving you time to find suppliers & on wellbeing communication strategies

👉 Valuable Data & Insights to continuously improve the wellbeing & performance of your workforce

👉 Create a unique proposition for Loyalty programmes, to improve your clients and members wellbeing and show them you care

Interested in working with Healthy Mind Club? Click on the link below to visit our Partner Directory and learn more about our 40+ partners

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