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Does Communication with AI Increase Customer Loyalty

3rd July 2023

Written by Tom Peace


Does Communication with AI Increase Customer Loyalty

3rd July 2023

Written by Tom Peace

Monday Morning Insight

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One of the biggest problems facing organisations in the current era is customer loyalty. Due to the intense competition, it is now essential to keep every single customer, because acquisition is extremely difficult (and expensive).

However, the development of artificial intelligence has made it much easier for customers to stay engaged with a brand. Can AI also be used to increase customer loyalty to a certain business?

The Loyalty People will now look at three ways in how AI can help companies assist with improving and maintaining customer loyalty.

🚀 Implementing Chatbots and Conversational AI

Chatbots and conversational AI can be essential for boosting client loyalty. You can quickly understand all the facts and respond to client enquiries across all channels, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, thanks to conversational AI.

Customers are encouraged to use chatbots to ask simple queries and leave more difficult ones for human operators thanks to omni-channel customer care, which offers a connected experience.

Because they are practical and offer a customised experience, customers have become accustomed to AI-enabled communication solutions. It makes it possible for brands to communicate with all of their clients and raises engagement and consumer satisfaction.

But do Chatbots fulfil customers needs? If it goes wrong is it detrimental to loyalty?

Let us know your thoughts below

🚀 Utilising AI's Predictive Analytics

Using predictive analytics to boost client loyalty is a great way to apply AI. This is because predictive analytics uses big data to analyse insights, in real-time, and forecast business results in the future.

To examine many types of data and process them to develop marketing projections, predictive analytics combines several data capabilities from various domains, such as data mining, statistics, and modelling.

For instance, the machine learning system studies client purchasing trends and predicts what they will buy next. Predictive marketing analytics will therefore give you crucial information about the shopping preferences of your customers.

You can use the insights to understand your target customers and foresee their future actions. Understanding how to solve their problems and maintain loyal customers to your brand.

Predictive analytics has been around for many years and has been very successful in the Loyalty industry. Do you know of any specific, innovative examples?

🚀 Promote customer involvement

By sending personalised messages, offers, or expressing gratitude, artificial intelligence may also make customers feel valued and appreciated, which strengthens their emotional bond and commitment.

Additionally, AI may encourage loyalty by developing loyalty by offering rewards, or providing extras that encourage customers to make more purchases, referrals, and reviews, so increasing their long-term value and your bottom line.

Can you tell if your offers and comms from your favourite brands are AI or "IRL"

Let us know what you think?

What are your thoughts on this insight, do you think AI can improve customer loyalty in businesses?

We would like to hear your thoughts and opinions on this topic, so please email

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