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Check out our Benefit Cosmetics Case Study

12th December 2023

Written by Tom Peace


Check out our Benefit Cosmetics Case Study

12th December 2023

Written by Tom Peace

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The Loyalty People can assist your company with any type of customer engagement plan. We have worked with many global companies throughout the years to help them achieve their business goals.

Today, we'd like to showcase one of our previous clients, Benefit Cosmetics, who approached us to develop a new loyalty proposition, to boost customer retention and growth in the UK market.

Benefit wanted to create a rewarding customer engagement that promotes loyalty through emotional connection.

We created a four part solution:

🎯Market review and a best in class paper

🎯Detailed proposition design including full customer strategy

🎯Detailed business case to model different scenarios

🎯Recommendation on tech providers, with joint delivery plan

Carla Raven, Senior CRM and Insight Manager of Benefit Cosmetics had this to say during our time working together

"The Loyalty People's wealth of knowledge and expertise its unparalleled. They became an extension of the team with their invaluable support and specialist knowledge. From an in-depth research piece to a workshop, robust loyalty framework and business plan they have help us to make an informed and considered leap into loyalty, allowing us to identify and unlock key opportunities"

Contact us by responding to this email or by contacting our MD, Tom Peace, to schedule a consultation and learn how The Loyalty People may benefit your company.

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