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Best-In-Class Referral Schemes

4th November 2021

Written by Tom Peace


Best-In-Class Referral Schemes

4th November 2021

Written by Tom Peace

A referral programme is any scheme that allows family, friends, peers and colleagues to recommend product or services with ease.

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Here are our top five referral schemes:

1. Gousto

Gousto is a meal kit delivery service that allows super simple in-app referrals via a link.

It's under the header 'Free Food' within their ordering app and the referrer gets credit towards their next box whilst the new customer gets 50% off their first order.

They regularly do 'double referral discounts' to encourage sharing the love.

2. Uber

With Uber Eats still gaining traction to match with Deliveroo, you can share an Uber Eats invite code with friends and get free food! You can find your personal Uber Eats promo code by opening the Uber Eats app, tapping on the profile icon at the bottom of the main screen and then tapping on "Get X off your order". If you share your code with new users who've never used the app before you'll get a discount off your next order.

3. Tesla

Discontinued last month, the Tesla referral programme made them a return of 42 times the rewards given. Each Tesla owner could give friends up to $10,000 in discounts, Tesla owners were able to obtain an invite to tour Tesla’s factory and attend the grand opening party, then the right to purchase a Founder Series Model X, which wasn’t available to the public. The first owner to achieve 10 orders in North America, Europe, and Asia received a free Model X SVU.

4. Airbnb

In some cases, Airbnb’s referral program increased bookings by over 25%, and the last version came in even stronger than before, boosting referrals by more than 300%. You can invite someone that can host their entire place and earn £58 when they list their space and complete their first qualifying stay.

5. Revolut

The conditions can change for each campaign, but often a cash reward (£50) is given to each referred-in friend who orders a physical card and makes 3 card payments. Revolut has reported a reported 700% increase in the number of customers acquired through their referral program between 2018 and 2019, alone.

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