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Are You More Engaged with a Company if Gamification is Involved?

2nd October 2023

Written by Tom Peace


Are You More Engaged with a Company if Gamification is Involved?

2nd October 2023

Written by Tom Peace

Monday Morning Insight and New LinkedIn Poll

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Three weeks ago we released an insight and LinkedIn Poll called "Should Sports Franchises Consider More Loyalty Innovations for their Total Fanbase?"

In this insight, we discussed how sports teams should have more loyalty options for fans who can not make it to the live games. We explained how there are some football teams implementing changes slowly, but a large number of teams are missing the opportunity to engage their fans in more innovative ways.

This is where gamification has been successful!

Over the last couple of years, there are many companies that utilise gamification loyalty schemes to increase their customer engagement and retention. overall these companies have had a major increase thanks to the implementation of gamification and we wanted to ask our community “Are You More Engaged with a Company if Gamification is involved?”

We will be looking closer into the practical uses of gamification and why it is so successful in maintaining high customer engagement through a variety of business sectors.

The idea of playing a game was solely based on entertainment purposes only, and throughout the years there have been different versions of games but never one that could benefit your day-to-day living. However, with gamification the system has allowed people to partake in game-like activities that can offer the customer exclusive discounts, loyalty points, prizes and much more.

One of the advantages of gamification is its ease of use. No matter the target age of your clientele, the process should be simple enough for anyone to use. Accessibility is also important, even though technology is rapidly advancing making sure the process is smooth for the customer will maintain high retention.

Recently, the Ryder Cup announced a gamification hub called the Game Zone, which officially launched on the 29th of September.

There will be several features designed to engage and attract new and existing fans to the biggest golfing events this year.

We’d like to see brands being braver with their gamification. Taking it to the next level and implementing games that really add friction to the experience, just like a video game, where the simple psychology is that the game must be simple to start but hard to master. The Loyalty People absolutely love what Duo Lingo are doing here, with their daily streaks gamification, locking members into years of uninterrupted usage.

Let us know what you think by clicking on the link below and voting

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