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6 New Loyalty Updates

27th January 2022

Written by Tom Peace


6 New Loyalty Updates

27th January 2022

Written by Tom Peace

The fight for our attention and loyalty is tightening, brands are adapting quickly and need to offer even more with fierce competition. It's not enough just to have a great product or service, we need more reasons to shop than the core offering.

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💊 Boots introduces lower in-store prices for advantage card holders.

A huge move that's hit the headlines and will be rolled out across 2,000 UK stores with discounts on over 150 items.

☕ Pret a Manger will be rolling out their new scheme ‘Pret Perks’ in phases.

The more you Pret, the more you get. Initially rolling out to those already on their monthly subscription, Pret are offering personalised rewards.

🛒 Asda is extending the trial of their ‘pounds not points’ loyalty app.

After a successful staff pilot, customers can download the app to build cash rewards in a pot whenever they buy a 'star product' or complete 'in-app missions'.

✈ Etihad are launching a Green Loyalty Programme.

This enables corporate clients to offset their travel emissions in a move to lead the way for more sustainable air travel.

📲 Swapi the digital loyalty wallet app now has over 400 brand partners.

Launched at the end 2021, the mobile app has gained huge momentum and added hundreds more brands to their app to earn points with and in their rewards marketplace.

🛏 IHG Hotels will begin their new loyalty programme rollout in March.

They've included a Gold Elite Tier with an industry leading 40% bonus point scheme and improved the offers and rewards across all their existing loyalty tiers.

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