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5 Ways to Show Customer Gratitude

17th March 2022

Written by Tom Peace


5 Ways to Show Customer Gratitude

17th March 2022

Written by Tom Peace

Five Ways To Show Customer Gratitude. Showing your customers you care is paramount to retention and getting something in return for their custom is the whole basis of loyalty programmes.

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Here's five ways to show your shoppers they matter:

1. Worthwhile rewards

If your loyalty program requires customers to spend a lot of money only to be rewarded with meagre discounts and samples, you're doing it wrong. Instead, walk the walk and show customers how much you value them by offering perks that are so good, it would be foolish not to become a member. Making these discounts obvious just as Boots have now done across their stores shows off this additional discount.

2. Secret VIP level

There's the old '20% of customers make 80% of your income' and that it's up to five times cheaper to retain than to win over new customers. Nurture these customers in particular with larger discounts or additional communications, exclusive event invitations and partner discounts.

3. Unexpected holiday rewards

Valentine's Day, Easter, Half-Term and national holidays give additional opportunities to run offers and send communications out. Check out the Twitter 2022 marketing calendar here to find events and holidays you can align with.

4. Listen to them

Simple - ask what they want! This doesn't have to be a formal survey that shapes your rewards. Multiple reward options and partnerships across many industries will provide rewards that appeal to many of your customers. Tesco Clubcard and Nectar do this really well by having many options for redeeming your rewards. Constantly review your data to see how, or even if, your customers are using their rewards.

5. Surprise and delight

When someone makes an order, do they get an unexpected gift? It's now standard to get pillow chocolates and shower gel at a hotel but what about flowers, a hand-written note or a voucher for a local restaurant is unexpected.

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