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Insight, Analytics And Research

Are you looking to understand your customers better, analyse your programme or research what to do next?

We have partners in all areas of insight, analytics, research, data science and data architecture.

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Loyalty Innovations



Plaza provides enterprise SaaS solutions for organisations to seamlessly integrate Web3 into current consumer loyalty platforms. Plaza removes blockchain development barriers, and simplifies how brands use Web3 to future-proof loyalty initiatives.


Plaza Technologies is an enterprise SaaS company that provides API solutions for organisations to integrate Web3 modules into their current consumer engagement platforms. We provide the Web2->Web3 bridge between blockchain initiatives and organisations’ existing platforms across CRM, loyalty, MarTech, eCommerce, social and more.

Plaza allows any organisation, regardless of blockchain expertise, to create highly integrated Web3 initiatives. We have a strong focus on reducing the barriers to entry for brands and creating simple & seamless experiences for consumers.

In doing so, we reduce the cost and complexity of blockchain development, and provide organisations with the core infrastructure to future-proof their current marketing & loyalty initiatives.

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Other Vital Services For Loyalty



Prezzee is a global digital gifting business that prides itself on creating remarkable gifting moments for consumers, businesses and 1,000+ brand partners across the world. Founded in 2014, Prezzee has evolved from a two person Australian start-up to a global business and operations in North America, United Kingdom, Australia and New Zealand.

About Prezzee

Every day gift giving made simple, personal and just right! Send a digital gift card from over 300 retail brands to friends and family around the world in seconds, personalised with your own video!

Reward teams, say thanks to clients and incentivise customers with fast, gift cards sent in bulk, in a few minutes. Our clients include QBE, HSBC, Coca-Cola and 4,000 more! Corporate gifting has never been easier.

Seamlessly integrated via the Prezzee API, we help small and large businesses grow revenue and market share with a white-label marketplace featuring a catalogue of 300+ eGift Cards.

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Joyall is a games and gamified media platform for brands to keep customers continually engaged. When we say continually engaged we’re talking 38 MINUTES… PER DAY!
We provide a fun and engaging way for your customers to discover and interact with your brand, earning rewards, as they are entertained, to spend in store or online.

Think of us as the ‘Facebook of Brand Loyalty Games’


We provide our clients games, casual games - the type of game that you dip in and out of multiple times a day on your mobile device… and serve media - videos, surveys, polls, product information, and write-ups...

We are a media channel platform - an extensible one. So whilst you see an app, we see a number of products and services that reach a brand’s customer through our app. Our focus is on brands - recognisable companies where there is an affinity between what the brand stands for and their customers’ own values and interests.

Given that 67% of adults play games, Joyall provides continual engagement and habit-forming interactions that bring a customer back into a brand’s space multiple times a day.

1. CONTENT: We help brands make the most of their social media content, try out new material, educate and inform, encourage participation and sharing with friends by offering inexpensive in-game rewards.

2. GAMES: Use our customisable games, or let us build one for you, creating brand-immersive experiences where players interact with a brand’s products and services to level-up; rewarding players for staying engaged and encouraging them to shop online or instore and share with others.

3. DATA & INSIGHTS: Brands have full control, supported by rich data and customer insights via the Joyall® Control Centre. This enables brands to collect data and insights on players through gamified polls, surveys and quizzes.

4. FUTURE-PROOF: Not ready for the Metaverse, Cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens but need to know Brands won’t be late to the party when these become commonplace? Through Joyall, players create profiles that will enable their virtual experiences (Metaverse)

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Loyalty Technology Solutions



i360 is a leading service provider in the field of B2B loyalty programs. Our core competence is the development and integration of IT loyalty systems. We also provide a wide range of value-added services: loyalty strategy development, web and mobile app design, rewards management, and comprehensive legal and tax services related to B2B loyalty programs.

About i360

i360 was ranked as a leading loyalty operator for six years in a row. It was the first in the industry that has been certified by TÜV RHEINLAND for compliance with the International Standard for Information Security Management System „ISO/IEC 27001:2013” allowing it to provide its Clients with the highest standards in data safety.

Why do Clients value i360?
We work with international corporations. Our projects aim to increase the market shares of our Clients in the traditional trade. Our Clients value i360 because we can provide even the most complex IT solutions that require integration with external applications and data warehouses while maintaining total data security.

Why i360?
Clients choose i360 because they are looking for a reliable partner with experience in managing strategic projects and a competent counsellor who will proactively show them the right development directions and exceed the expectations of project leaders at the operational level.

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Loyalty Technology Solutions



Pobuca Experience Cloud is an AI platform that helps brands & retailers to improve Customer Experience, and increase Loyalty, customer satisfaction, and advocacy.

About Pobuca

Pobuca offers turn-key solutions; from consulting services to solution design, after-sales technical support, customization, and marketing managed services.

We empower B2C companies to build direct, personalized relationships with thousands or millions of consumers through technology & data and convert satisfied customers to loyal ones.

We help brands & retailers measure CX, design the right strategy based on KPIs, and then improve it in terms of Loyalty, customer service, and better engagement through personalization.

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Other Vital Services For Loyalty



Swiss-based Loylogic Holdings is a global innovator in points commerce and payments. Through our flagship solutions Pointshub and Pointspay, we empower loyalty programs with deep insights and maximize revenues, whilst offering their eligible customers more choices to collect and redeem points online, in-app and in-store. We provide expert consultancy and development of custom-made, global and scalable solutions. Founded in 2005 and headquartered in Zurich, Loylogic operates across the globe as the trusted partner of the most visionary loyalty programs.

About Loylogic

Award-winning tech, customized for you.
Pointshub is our multi-award-winning e-commerce platform featuring Loylogic’s patented points-plus-cash applications. Pointshub offers an unmatched variety of innovative points (or miles) earn and burn solutions that make differentiating your program a simple, intuitive task. The platform comes beautifully structured and perfectly tailored to your program’s brand, be it web or mobile channels. Powered by latest breakthroughs in artificial intelligence, Pointshub enables your marketing team to promote trending consumer brands and engage more members through personalized experiences.

Welcome to Pointspay. Welcome to the future.
Pointspay is a highly innovative e-payment platform with its own fast-growing proprietary merchant network. Pointspay directly connects your points (or miles) to leading online as well as in-store merchants worldwide. Applying Loylogic’s patented points-plus-cash slider, your members can now shop with their preferred online merchants and either pay with points, or pay with cash and collect points, adding a rich revenue stream to your program.

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Loyalty Technology Solutions



NeuCurrent offers an omni-channel customer retention platform for mid-sized B2C companies. Our SaaS platform detects negative trends in customer retention, recommends and implements relevant customer engagement strategies using omni-channel customer communications and product recommendations with the help of AI. NeuCurrent motto: ‘Engage, Convert, Repeat: Retain your customer, longer’.


Our AI driven and fully automated solution allows B2C companies to fully utilize benefits of data driven customer retention without incurring significant costs and with minimum expertise.

NeuCurrent platform automates all stages of data driven marketing:

• Analysis of customer journey and identification of negative trends in purchase patterns

• Omni channel communication scenarios with customers

• ML driven personalized product and content recommendations

• Data integration and management

Using our platform NeuCurrent’s clients consistently achieve an increase of 15% in online sales and 30% sales increase from customer communications.

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Loyalty Technology Solutions



Acquire, Convert, and Retain More Customers
Annex Cloud combines best-in-class loyalty management with powerful engagement and communication modules to help businesses build relationships and profits at scale. Extensible modules provide flexibility. The 125-plus pre-built integrations make it easy and fast to implement. Innovative engagement modules are designed to build lasting emotional bonds. Annex Cloud earned the highest possible scores in 15 criteria in The Forrester Wave™: Loyalty Solutions, Q2 2021 Report.

About Annex Cloud

Annex Cloud’s Loyalty Experience platform is purpose-built to become the heart of your digital technology stack, enabling you to deliver unique, value-based omnichannel interactions across the customer journey, keep customers coming back, incent profitable behaviors, and drive growth. See why companies like Toyota, ACTION, TaylorMade, NuSkin, and MacKenzie-Childs trust Annex Cloud to help them reduce churn, overcome skyrocketing acquisition costs, and build true brand-to-human connections.

• Leverage loyalty data across your tech stack, enabling all customer-facing teams to create personalized, value-based interactions
• Segment using any combination of customer, transaction, behavior, preference, and loyalty data
• Proactively engage customers when points are expiring
• Leverage gamification, contests, Refer a Friend, Ratings & Reviews, and more to create meaningful engagement,
• Connect siloed data to create a unified customer profile

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Loyalty Technology Solutions



Open Loyalty is a leading headless loyalty engine for customer engagement offering highly customizable and scalable loyalty program solutions. Thanks to a flexible set of building blocks, world-class API, and Open Loyalty Language, enterprise clients can benefit from the fast and seamless implementation of original and engaging loyalty features without many of the issues legacy loyalty systems pose.

About Open Loyalty

Open Loyalty is the go-to software provider for any business looking to offer highly personalized user experiences without compromising their autonomy and scalability. Open Loyalty received special recognition in the CE Tech Rocketship category in Deloitte’s Technology Fast 50 Central Europe gala. This special recognition by Deloitte and Google Cloud is given to companies with the highest quality, most scalable solutions in the market.

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Loyalty Innovations



Appointedd is an award-winning online booking and scheduling solution. Our cutting edge technology is trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands to save valuable time, increase revenue, and truly engage with their customers through frictionless, omnichannel booking experiences.

About AppointedD

Founded in 2011 with flexibility at its core, Appointedd has transformed online booking and scheduling into something extraordinary, empowering customers around the world and across multiple industries to easily schedule and book anything, anywhere in just two taps.

Appointedd powers bookings in 167 countries for companies small and large, including Harrods, EDF Energy, M&S, Victoria’s Secret, Zettle by PayPal, Mamas & Papas, Frasers Group, Charlotte Tilbury, Stella McCartney, Anastasia Beverly Hills and two of the Big Four accounting firms.

Appointedd operates with a customer-centric approach at its heart. With a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise, the Appointedd Team collaborates with clients to build long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships and deliver impactful results

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Insight, Analytics And Research



Loyalytics is a boutique data science and analytics company that helps businesses to scale and systematize data driven decision making through the power of machine learning and AI.

About Loyaltytics

Our capabilities span across the entire gamut of Analytics service offerings from Enterprise BI solutions for tracking and monitoring KPI’s to advanced data science solutions like Price optimization, Customer segmentations and Life time value, Offer and Communication Personalization, Promo and Media Spend Optimization, Demand Forecasting, Out of Stock Prediction etc.

We have a stellar team of data scientists, data engineers, consultants, analysts, and visualization(Power Bi & Tableau) experts who can help you navigate through your data challenges and custom build solutions suited to your needs. We have ongoing engagements with many Fortune 500 or equivalent clients across US, India, Middle East, and South East Asia.

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Other Vital Services For Loyalty



Resal is a High-tech Company that is leading the prepaid gift card market by offering all in one prepaid gift cards and rewards solutions for individuals and corporate clients. We are the leading player in MENA and we are expanding globally.

About Resal

Resal helps it’s clients to create customer delight, connections, appreciation and share their feelings by offering them a unique gift cards for whenever and wherever.

Our products:

store: Online platform that help individuals to buy and send gift cards.

glee: Corporate reward solution, which helps puir clients to offer employees, partners and customers gift cards as part of an incentive and reward programme.

channels: A business API and embedded technology that offers digital gift cards and rewards from over 400 brands, to any 3rd party online channels and marketplaces.

Boonus: A loyalty management platform based on multiple rewarding programmes that enable merchants and retailers to increase retention, frequency and customer spending.

Always simple, convenient and well received