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Loyalty Innovations

We have partners offering innovative solutions that can drive very positive customer engagement.

If your looking for something unusual to give you something different then look no further.

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Loyalty Innovations



Plaza provides enterprise SaaS solutions for organisations to seamlessly integrate Web3 into current consumer loyalty platforms. Plaza removes blockchain development barriers, and simplifies how brands use Web3 to future-proof loyalty initiatives.


Plaza Technologies is an enterprise SaaS company that provides API solutions for organisations to integrate Web3 modules into their current consumer engagement platforms. We provide the Web2->Web3 bridge between blockchain initiatives and organisations’ existing platforms across CRM, loyalty, MarTech, eCommerce, social and more.

Plaza allows any organisation, regardless of blockchain expertise, to create highly integrated Web3 initiatives. We have a strong focus on reducing the barriers to entry for brands and creating simple & seamless experiences for consumers.

In doing so, we reduce the cost and complexity of blockchain development, and provide organisations with the core infrastructure to future-proof their current marketing & loyalty initiatives.

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Loyalty Innovations



SnippCheck, Snipp’s market-leading, retailer-agnostic receipt and transaction validation platform, powers programs that are designed to engage consumers through the entire path to purchase - in-store, at home and online.

About SnippCheck

It helps brands scale activations in any channel, validates any transaction – purchase (contests, promotions, rebates, sweepstakes etc) and non-purchase (social media, market research, reviews etc) and reward consumers based on any non-purchase activity, value spend, number of products purchased or even a sum of purchases over time.

• App-free and Retailer agnostic solution
• Offline and e-receipt validation
• Rules engine that supports any qualification logic
• Flexible & global deployment (46+ languages)
• OCR - Optical Character Recognition Technology
• Rewards integrations
• Sophisticated fraud detection
• 100% accurate
• Optical character recognition
• Fully white-labelled

In addition, SnippCheck enables brands to capture and make sense of unprecedented complex consumer behaviours and purchase patterns at a product, brand & category level (including basket level data & analysis) and turn this information into actionable insights, enabling intelligent decision making. It is key to creating a true single (360-degree) view of customer data.

SnippCheck offers flexible deployment to meet any environment to enable a seamless customer experience - from submission of receipts, validation, reward allocation, and communication to consumers.
• Snipp turnkey promotions & loyalty solutions
o Single Integration Point - Single API Connection – into portal, APP
o Multiple Integration Points (Internal) - into Global Registration, CRM and Rewards Engine
o Multiple Integration Points (External) - into Booking engine, POS, Fulfilment vendors
• Widget Integration

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Loyalty Innovations



Reward.Earth is a platform that allows individuals to combat climate change by planting trees in the UK and overseas.

About Reward.Earth

There are three tiered packages that cater for every kind of lifestyle, family size and budget.

Our UK Trees are planted by veterans in the Green Task Force which was established to help them work towards overcoming PTS, provides a pathway to qualifications and ultimately resettlement.

We have an API that allows companies to easily integrate with our platform and offer rewards and loyalty programmes which is a low cost, high impact way to drive both sales and retention. Additionally, we have the capability to serve white label pages or raw data for individuals “my forest” and “My Co2 offsets” making this highly visible and effective.

Rewards.Earth will work with you to tailor specific climate-based rewards to your market and customer platform. For a free consultation get in touch today.

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Fidel offers the only suite of financial infrastructure APIs that allow developers to build programmable experiences around the moment when a user’s card is swiped, dipped, tapped, or typed.

About Fidel

Today, developers use our APIs to create best-in-class loyalty and rewards programs, deliver digital receipts and enhance real-time, event-driven engagement with customers and businesses around the world.

Our APIs are used by start-ups through global enterprises including Google, British Airways, TopCashback, Perkbox, Royal Bank of Canada, and Blackhawk Networks, and are supported by the world’s largest card networks, including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Founded in 2018, Fidel is headquartered in London, with offices in Lisbon, New York, and remote employees globally. Fidel is backed by investors including Nyca Partners, QED Investors, Citi Ventures, RBC Capital and Commerce Ventures.

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Loyalty Innovations



Appointedd is an award-winning online booking and scheduling solution. Our cutting edge technology is trusted by some of the world’s biggest brands to save valuable time, increase revenue, and truly engage with their customers through frictionless, omnichannel booking experiences.

About AppointedD

Founded in 2011 with flexibility at its core, Appointedd has transformed online booking and scheduling into something extraordinary, empowering customers around the world and across multiple industries to easily schedule and book anything, anywhere in just two taps.

Appointedd powers bookings in 167 countries for companies small and large, including Harrods, EDF Energy, M&S, Victoria’s Secret, Zettle by PayPal, Mamas & Papas, Frasers Group, Charlotte Tilbury, Stella McCartney, Anastasia Beverly Hills and two of the Big Four accounting firms.

Appointedd operates with a customer-centric approach at its heart. With a wealth of knowledge, experience and expertise, the Appointedd Team collaborates with clients to build long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships and deliver impactful results

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Loyalty Innovation



RevLifter is on a mission to make every eCommerce deal intelligent across the entire customer journey. Its market-leading platform enables brands across all verticals to launch real-time hyper-personalized offers and content that exceed goals for revenue, sales, conversions, acquisition, retention, and more.

About Revlifter

RevLifter’s multi-award-winning platform gathers real-time behavioral and contextual signals from each customer to launch hyper-personalized deals and offers across the entire eCommerce journey.
Its technology is used by 100+ brands globally, including HP, Harvey Nichols, EE, Uniqlo, and ASOS, to solve a range of challenges including:

• Grow average order value (AOV)
• Reduce cart abandonment
• Increase deal profitability
• Improve acquisition
• Raise customer lifetime value (CLV)
• Boost conversion rates
• Increase market share

RevLifter's solutions include RevPage, which recaptures deal-searching customers and brings them back onto a hyper-personalized deal page, and RevConvert, an intelligent on-site messaging tool that boosts AOV and conversion rates by recognizing what each customer needs to convert.
RevLifter’s cutting-edge solutions are available worldwide, rapid to implement and paid on performance. Its technology is reimagining eCommerce incentivization by consistently delivering the best possible outcome for brands and their customers.

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Loyalty Innovations



Imagine a world where loyalty points never expire and brands don’t need to worry about liability. Swapi is on a mission to make rewards even better, whilst providing more choice for customers and better acquisition for brands and retailers.

About Swapi

Customers in today’s market want choice and flexibility where they can redeem their points. Brands that allow points to be redeemed in multiple places report great benefits.

The Loyalty People are excited to partner with Swapi – the new global Loyalty wallet launching this autumn, enabling users to consolidate and swap loyalty rewards between brands for Swapi Points™, tailored promotions, exciting products, gift cards and more.

While most loyalty programmes burden business with points liability, Swapi helps brands reduce the headache of ‘earn and burn’ and can eliminate the need to manage points balances that can leave customers missing out on expired rewards, resulting in that all too common negative loyalty experience.

Swapi can be leveraged as an additional benefit to any existing loyalty initiative and can even be implemented for any retailer – from big high street brands to small independent businesses – with no initial outlay or complicated contract required.

The Swapi team is developing an app that can have you and your clients up and running with Swapi Points™ in just a day – for customer relationships that can last a lifetime. And we’d love you to join us on our joint mission to make Loyalty better for everyone.

To learn more about Swapi for your customers, visit today.

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OrderPay is the fastest, most feature-rich and cost-effective order and pay system on the market. OrderPay is used in over 1600 sites and trusted by Stonegate, Fuller’s, Frontier Pubs, Hawthorn, Gaucho, Wasabi, Cote and many other operators.

About OrderPay

OrderPay is used in over 1600 sites and trusted by Stonegate, Fuller’s, Frontier Pubs, Hawthorn, Gaucho, Wasabi, Cote and many other operators.

Our ever-growing list of features is designed to help you grow your business - driving bigger baskets, bigger tips and repeat visits.

- £0 per month, £0 set up fee, no minimum term
- 1.95% transaction-only pricing, inclusive of all payment fees
- App, Web or App Clips – no download required & faster than web!
- Standalone or integrated POS options
- The only service to include tabs, tipping & gifting

In short, we make ordering, paying and tipping seamless, leaving you and your staff to do what you do best.

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Joyall is a games and gamified media platform for brands to keep customers continually engaged. When we say continually engaged we’re talking 38 MINUTES… PER DAY!
We provide a fun and engaging way for your customers to discover and interact with your brand, earning rewards, as they are entertained, to spend in store or online.

Think of us as the ‘Facebook of Brand Loyalty Games’


We provide our clients games, casual games - the type of game that you dip in and out of multiple times a day on your mobile device… and serve media - videos, surveys, polls, product information, and write-ups...

We are a media channel platform - an extensible one. So whilst you see an app, we see a number of products and services that reach a brand’s customer through our app. Our focus is on brands - recognisable companies where there is an affinity between what the brand stands for and their customers’ own values and interests.

Given that 67% of adults play games, Joyall provides continual engagement and habit-forming interactions that bring a customer back into a brand’s space multiple times a day.

1. CONTENT: We help brands make the most of their social media content, try out new material, educate and inform, encourage participation and sharing with friends by offering inexpensive in-game rewards.

2. GAMES: Use our customisable games, or let us build one for you, creating brand-immersive experiences where players interact with a brand’s products and services to level-up; rewarding players for staying engaged and encouraging them to shop online or instore and share with others.

3. DATA & INSIGHTS: Brands have full control, supported by rich data and customer insights via the Joyall® Control Centre. This enables brands to collect data and insights on players through gamified polls, surveys and quizzes.

4. FUTURE-PROOF: Not ready for the Metaverse, Cryptocurrencies and Non-Fungible Tokens but need to know Brands won’t be late to the party when these become commonplace? Through Joyall, players create profiles that will enable their virtual experiences (Metaverse)

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Loyalty Innovations



Klippa’s goal is to digitize & automate administrative processes with modern technologies.

About Klippa

We help clients enhance the effectiveness of their organization by using machine learning and OCR. Since 2015, more than a thousand happy clients all over the world have used Klippa's software solutions. These include software for scanning receipts and invoices, claims processing, identity validation and data extraction.

Klippa for receipts offers an easy, cost-efficient way to execute customer loyalty or purchase incentives. Through the use of Optical Character Recognition (OCR) and AI, customers can simply take a picture of their receipt and send it in to receive their rewards. The data from the receipt will automatically be extracted, validated and ready for further processing in just a few seconds. It's as easy as 1, 2, 3!

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At Stampix we believe your photos deserve a place in the real world. Our mission is to turn a smile on people’s faces by making photo printing fun and easy. We create an entry into people’s homes in the most beautiful and safe brand environment imaginable

About Stampix

Stampix unlocks the potential of millions of personal photos, a powerful source of user generated content, to turn your marketing message into a memorable branded experience.

We send personalized branded photos to consumers all over the world. To increase brand engagement or collect data – you choose, we do the rest.