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#9: Blockchain Infrastructure for Loyalty

Welcome to another Episode of Loyalty chats with Tom, a series of informative and engaging podcasts of no more than 15 minutes, just right to listen to through lunch, your coffee break or your journey home. I provide engaging loyalty insight into the future of the sector, with loyalty experts and celebrities, and all our podcasts are focused on where the industry is going next.

In this episode I am joined by Anke Hsu, VP Business Development at Chain4Travel, a blockchain infrastructure business who have created the Camino Network. Camino is a democratised community of over 100 businesses operating in the travel sector, and includes major brands such as Lufthansa.

The Camino network powers many business processes through blockchain technology such as payment settlement and of course, innovative loyalty solutions. Through Camino, participating brands can build customer loyalty and engagement through offers and collaborations with other brands.

Listen in to hear Anke describe some of the practical uses of blockchain technology to drive customer engagement and loyalty. We discuss how Blockchain and Web3 solutions have create localised and highly personalised offers for members, enable sustainability focused initiatives, reduce fraud risk and speed up the process of partner integrations.

It's a great podcast to understand how blockchain/Web3 can be used practically to enable advancements in customer loyalty and engagement.

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