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#440: Learn How Quests, Checkpoints, Experiments and Rewards are Creating Trust with Gamers

Today’s episode features one of the most exciting new uses of loyalty marketing that I’ve come across.

Mistplay is a leading loyalty app for mobile gamers, where users can discover new games and earn as they play. As their platform has grown, they’ve integrated many of the learnings from top loyalty programs in other industries, and then experimented with them to find ways to serve the needs of their community of gamers worldwide.

With over 2 million people already active and playing games through the platform each month, Mistplay is focused on leveraging the best loyalty insights and levers from around the world in order to build both trust and engagement in a way that very few platforms can offer.

My guest is Nicholas Kerr, VP of Loyalty and Lifecycle at Mistplay who shares some of the early successes they’ve achieved by optimizing their onboarding and lifecycle processes, using a gamified system that gamers know and love.

Listen to learn all about Mistplay and please do enjoy our conversation.

Show Notes:

1) Nicholas Kerr

2) Mistplay

3) Mistplay blogs

4) LTL Podcast: #187: Microsoft Rewards – Insights and Ideas

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