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#428: Building a customer-centric organisation through multi-faceted digital transformation

As we know grocery retailing loyalty is fiercely competitive and long-standing in the loyalty industry.

This podcast unpeels the many layers to building a customer-centric organisation by Shoprite, Africa’s largest retailer, which prides itself on “feeding Africa for less”.

We talked to ⁠Meredith Allan⁠, who is Head of Rewards and Personalisation of ⁠Shoprite X⁠, a division of ⁠The Shoprite Group⁠. Its loyalty programme is ⁠Xtra Savings⁠ and has achieved an 0% sales coverage in a short period of time since launch approximately 4 years ago. The Xtra Savings programme is the first initiative in its multi-year digital transformation strategy building a customer-first organisation

Show Notes

1) Meredith Allan

2) Shoprite X

3) The Shoprite Group

4) ⁠Xtra Savings⁠⁠