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#380: Understanding Loyalty in Europe - Getting to know Samsung Members

This episode focuses on the pan-European loyalty programme, Samsung Members, featuring expert commentary from Cathryn Lodwidge and Laura Moore.

Laura is the European Head of Customer Data-Driven Marketing Retention & Loyalty and Cathryn is the European Cross Channel Retention Lead at Samsung Electronics. They are very passionate about developing and delivering global loyalty solutions that delight customers across multiple markets and, under their stewardship, Samsung Members has gone from strength to strength.

They are key contributors to the “Understanding Loyalty in Europe” White Paper created by Mando-Connect in partnership with YouGov, which explores loyalty membership, appeal and impact across 24 European Markets.

Listen to learn about Samsung Members – what the programme proposition is, what the big new news is and how the programme adapts its approach to different local market needs across Europe.

Hosted by Charlie Hills. 

Show Notes:

1)  Cathryn Lodwidge

2) Laura Moore

3)  European Loyalty Whitepaper

4) Mando-Connect 

5) YouGov

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