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#356: Global Loyalty Insights with Comarch's Wojciech Kempny

#356: Global Loyalty Insights with Comarch's Wojciech Kempny

Wojciech Kempny is the Consulting Director for Comarch covering Africa, Asia Pacific and other markets here in the Middle East region, and is truly someone known as a GLOBAL voice of loyalty!

With such vast geographical responsibilities for Comarch’s loyalty clients, Wojciech joins the show to explain some of the fascinating cultural similarities and differences between these global markets.

Listen to hear his fascinating insights on loyalty programs in Saudi Arabia – one of the most exciting markets for Comarch in 2023.

We also talk about card-linked loyalty and other innovative propositions that Comarch clients have built in other markets.

This episode is sponsored by Comarch.

Show Notes:

1) ⁠Wojciech Kempny⁠2) Comarch⁠

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