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#338 : Covid’s Aftermath, Customer Health and Customer-Based Forecasting with Daniel McCarthy of Emory University

Today’s episode looks at some of the recent work by Daniel McCarthy, Assistant Professor of Marketing at Emory University’s Goizueta Business School. Interestingly, Daniel’s work straddles the academic and private sectors.Daniel’s work with Wharton Professor Peter Fader on CLV (Customer Lifetime Value) at Zodiac was so valuable that Nike bought the company, and together they have developed innovative concepts such as CBCV, Customer-Based Corporate Valuation, with their new company, Theta Equity Partners. 

In this discussion, Daniel shares insights from his research on the after-effects of COVID on consumers, the value of subscription strategies and programs, and of course the value of CLV and CBCV and its uptake by investors, companies and the students he teaches at Emory University.

Show Notes

1)  Daniel McCarthy

2)  Emory University

3)  Daniel McCarthy – Website

4)  Theta

5)  Paper on COVID’s impact

6) Phil Rubin

7) Grey Space Matters

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