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Who are we? What do we do?

The Loyalty People are global strategic consultants with a laser focus on Loyalty, CRM and Customer Engagement.


We partner with our clients to deliver solutions ranging from full Strategic Programme Design to Project Execution.


We partner with tech and service providers to deliver end-to-end loyalty solutions for our clients. Please find our extensive list of solution providers on our Partner Directory page  

We also run a FREE global loyalty community for anyone working in any aspect of the Loyalty sector.


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A global strategic consultancy with a laser focus on Loyalty, CRM and Customer Engagement

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The Loyalty People

What can you learn? And how?



The Loyalty People are proud to partner with The Loyalty Academy™ to offer the world’s first formalized educational and training curriculum for customer loyalty professionals and marketers of all stripes. 

Save up to 60% on courses with our unique promo code found on our Loyalty Training page.

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